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"Oooo, do you have Ramune Soda? My favorite is the kimchi flavor~" Vanth starts, before stopping mid-float. "Ewww! Kimchi is sooo nasty. I want diet coke. But diet soda sucks! Don't you want to watch our figure? I will not let you ingest massive amounts of sugar and ruin our body!!" These comments segue into Vanth's eventual mental shouting match, which pushes Gemini (albeit with great hesitation) to perform a very weak thunderbolt on the insane Spiritomb. Weak from the first thunderbolt, she nearly faints from the second, but keeps it together. "Ughhh... fuuuuck..." The ghostly creature hangs her head, looking like she has a massive headache. "It hurts, but it's better than the arguing, anyway. Thank you," she says, trying to smile.

Keith asserts to Coselle that she has not been a waste of time, stating that the past few months have been the best of his life. "Even though I fractured at least three different bones in your body?" Coselle giggles a bit at the memory despite her sadness. The giggle subsides quickly, however, and she sighs deeply. "I will be a Banette again. But that's not right, Keith. Already, I know how people stare at us, gossiping about us... about you. You know I don't give a damn about what they think about me, but you... Giratina, sometimes I just want to punch them." Coselle smacks a fist into her open palm and grunts, displaying her violent intent towards those who would speak ill of her lover. "I would rather not give them more ammo... I would rather... Ugh, I would rather things be some semblance of normal. But what was I thinking? Nothing will ever be normal with me. Not now, not ever."

Coselle leans back, snuggling up to Keith, her eyes looking up at him. "Do you ever think of the future? Do you ever think... about what will happen?" Coselle pauses. "Honestly... I try not to."

Marion nods, clearly pleased that Chuck is so happy with his new trainer. "Well, I am a ghost-type specialist, and Keith is a poison-type specialist... That would make both of us well-equipped to raise a Gastly, now, wouldn't it?" Marion chuckles a bit. "One day, we will have to set up a battle between you and Cheshire to see who has done a better job of raising their Gastly. What do you think, Chuck? Think you could take Cheshire on?"

Cheshire immediately creates the illusion of armor around himself. "I would dearly like to see him try," Cheshire retorts half-tauntingly, half-jokingly.

The match between Bedivere and Cheshire is certainly an interesting one; Cheshire, always the ebony side, with Bedivere taking ivory. At first, it looks as though Cheshire has the clear advantage; taking piece after piece, Bedivere's army appears to be decimated at first. However, the classy jellyfish Pokemon seems to have a few tricks up his sleeve, as he lures Cheshire into a horrible trap, resulting in the loss of his precious ebony queen. The battle rages on, with many lives lost, until finally, with a flourish of his tentacle, Bedivere traps Cheshire's King in the corner of the board.

"My good man, I am afraid it is checkmate, ohohoho~" Bedivere bows to Cheshire, a grin on his face. "You are a most worthy opponent, indeed... but none in the entire country could best me in my glory days, ohohoho~! Oh, but they did indeed try~!"

Bedivere turns to Chuck, bowing gracefully. "Are you ready to do battle then, Sir Chuck?"
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