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"There's some drinks in the refrigerator," Gemini's larger head replied. "Pretty decent variety, too." At that moment, however, another vicious mental argument seemed to get underway. The two heads exchanged glances, and with great hesitation, squeaked out another greatly weakened Thunderbolt.

Keith shook his head as Coselle asserted that she was a waste of time, blaming herself for letting him fall in love with her. "Coselle, you are not a waste of time," Keith said firmly. "Not to me. These past few months with you have been the best of my life. And even if Marion doesn't figure anything out... She said you'd return to being a Banette, so it's not like you'd be completely gone, right?" He then listened as Coselle recalled her own funeral, and then stated that the hard part would be the pain of leaving others behind, as opposed to the dying itself. Keith sighed, looking back at Coselle. "Yeah... But like I said, you won't really be leaving anyone behind, will you? You'll be a Banette again. It would complicate things a bit, probably, but you still wouldn't really be gone. And yeah, it's true that Marion might not figure something out... then again, it's just as true that she might." A small smile formed on Keith's face, a very small one. "And even if you do die, then I'll be damned if I let you die alone."

"Oh, yes, he was very excited," grinned Chuck as Marion stated how excited Keith was to finally get his own Gastly. "And I must say, I don't think I could ended up with a better trainer, though from what I hear of your affinity for ghosts, you would certainly come close." Marion then suggested that Chuck must be glad to see Cheshire again. Keith's Gastly nodded as Cheshire went into a rousing speech. "Right!" grinned Chuck once Cheshire had stopped talking and asked Chuck what he thought. Chuck proceeded to watch the chess match between Bedivere and Cheshire. "I'd like to play the winner, by the way," he added. "I've been teaching Peeves the game, and getting a little practice in myself."

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