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"That's boring," Vanth groans as she goes back to finishing her steak. "What, nothing to drink? Does your trainer have any drinks around here, Weezing?" Vanth sighs. "I don't know why there are so many people in here. Maybe some of us deserved to die. WHAT DID YOU SAY? YOU TAKE THAT BACK!" Vanth shakes her head violently, apparently caught in another vicious mental argument.

Coselle tries her best to appear nonchalant when Keith enters the room, kneeling on the bed with her upper posture straight and self-assured, facing a pocket mirror as she quaffs herself... The moment he admits that he overheard the conversation, however, she whips around, her eyes wet with tears, burning with rage.

"Well, then you know why I am a complete and utter waste of time," Coselle spits her words out venomously before hanging her head, ebony strands obscuring her face. "I should not have been so selfish as to let you fall in love with me. I know I could have tried harder, you know, to make you hate me... but now I can't bring myself to..." Coselle winces with the effort of trying to hold back her weeping, a soft cry issuing from her throat. "What if Marion doesn't figure anything out? I don't want you going through that nonsense. You're, what, 22? Too young to be burying a lover, that's for damn sure."

Coselle looks up at the ceiling, her eyes glassy and drained of what little color existed within them. She leans into Keith, captured by a memory. "I remember my funeral, you know," Coselle murmurs. "The sun was so bright that it hurt. I had to hide in the shadows so no one would see me and call me a 'bad omen'. No one can resist the call of their own funeral. The priest was an obnoxious little shit... Loved to hear himself talk. Of course, Dad came. A couple exes, a few relatives I didn't recognize... But I couldn't look at Dad. I just... I just couldn't. Not after what happened. It made me so sad... and, and so angry, that I couldn't even breathe. He didn't even look like himself. He looked... so fragile, like a doll. That was the moment I knew that I had to get revenge. That was the moment I channeled when I murdered the woman that took my life... I did it for my father." Coselle sighs deeply as her cheeks bear the overflow of her drenched eyes. "And for Mary."

Coselle looks up at Keith, trying to smile. "Dying is not the hard part. I can deal with the pain. It is the people you have to leave behind that truly hurts."

Meanwhile, Chuck introduces himself to Marion, which brings a bit of happiness back to the melancholy trainer's face. "Nice to formally meet you, Chuck," Marion says with a grin. "I realize that the trade happened really fast, but Coselle was so insistent upon trading you to Keith... and he was so excited to have you on his team." Marion smiles a bit. "I'm sure you must be glad to see Cheshire again. The two of you really hit it off from what I can tell."

"The Brotherhood of Gastlies must always stand strong," Cheshire proudly says, before displaying an illusory shield with a Gastly symbol on it. "Keith, myself and Chuck are all a part of the Brotherhood. Darker than the Dark Brotherhood, the Brotherhood of Gastlies owns the night, stalking its pray with precision, destroying all foes with a mighty game of chess!!" Cheshire chuckles a bit after his rousing speech. "Right, Chuck?"

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