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"If I knew, I'd have said something," replied Gemini's smaller head, in a tone which suggested he'd be shrugging his shoulders, if he had any. "Like I said, the first thing I ever remember is a lot of light, and Keith exclaiming that we evolved into a Weezing."

"And I don't remember him ever being, like, a part of me back when I was a Koffing," the larger head added. "Keith- our trainer- he knows a lot about Poison-types, and his theory is that when a Koffing evolves into Weezing, the second head is just born then and there. None of us know for sure what exactly causes it."

Over in the bedroom, Marion left Keith and Coselle to talk in private, while whispering to Keith that he might not be as lucky the next time he eavesdropped on them, stating that Coselle hated it when her privacy was invaded.

"Well," Keith said as he walked over to Coselle. "I... I guess it'd be pointless to pretend I didn't hear what went on in here just now." He sighed, taking in the weight of the situation. "That... that really isn't fair," he said quietly as he sat on the bed next to Coselle and gently put his arm around her. "You shouldn't have to die a second time... I hope Marion figures something out, I really do."

Meanwhile, in the living room, as Marion watched Bedivere and Cheshire play chess, another Gastly materialized beside Marion. "Well, well, my original trainer," Chuck said, grinning. "Don't believe we formally met, not before your sister traded me to Keith, anyway. The name's Chuck. You're Marion, correct?"

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