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Vanth listens to Gemini's response, yet somehow looks... incredulous while doing so. At first, she flatly says, "I don't believe you." She nods a moment, murmurs "Fascinating..." Then tilts her head, as if confused.

"Gemini... I mean, the smaller one... Are you sure you did not exist within the larger one before that? You have no memories of being before you got your own head? I mean, where did you come from? Are you another Koffing? A talking tumor? What's going on with you?"

Coselle is shocked out of her fetal position by a knock at the door. Almost immediately, she straightens up and begins fixing her hair, looking for the nearest mirror. She turns to Marion, nodding towards the door, and Marion returns the nod to her sister before moving to let Keith in. She stares at Keith a moment, her look communicating the gravity of the situation, before leaning in to whisper; "It's probably best that you talk with her alone." She pauses, her voice dropping even lower. "Also... You may not be so lucky the next time you eavesdrop on our conversation. Cosie hates when people invade her privacy..."

Marion gracefully moves out of the way and into the next room, so that Keith can speak with Coselle in private. Bedivere immediately approaches his trainer with a big, juicy steak, and an even bigger smile.

"My dear lady, you are looking paler than ever! This will surely help." He gently places the plate in her hands and produces a fork and knife, cutting a piece for his trainer and dangling it in front of her mouth. Marion smiles at Bedivere, and gently hands the plate back.

"Thank you so much, Bedi, it looks delicious... but I don't feel very good right now." This statement immediately draws the attention of Cheshire, who produces a chessboard from seemingly nowhere.

"Would you, perchance, feel better with a rousing game of chess?"

"Oh, you and Bedivere can play if you want... I wouldn't mind watching." Marion gives Cheshire a half-hearted smile, though she appears quite weighted down. Murmur, unsure of what to do, simply floats beside her, providing his company, while he cheers for Bedivere in the chess match.
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