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Gemini listened as Vanth explained that each of them met their death much in the same matter. Then, they asked Gemini how they came to be a Weezing in the first place.

"I... don't know," admitted Gemini's large head. "I never remember not being like this. The first thing I ever remember was hatching from my Egg, as a Koffing..."

"And the first thing I remember was all this bright light, and then our trainer getting all excited, going 'It evolved into a Weezing!!!' and stuff like that," added the second head,

"If we had any kind of life before this, we... we don't remember it at all," Gemini's larger head explained.

Meanwhile, Chuck had utilized a sort of telepathic power to ensure that Keith could hear everything he was eavesdropping on, and as Marion and Coselle spoke, Keith found himself unable to speak as he learned that Coselle would essentially die anywhere from six months to a year later.

"...Oh my Arceus," he finally managed to whisper as Chuck broke off the telepathic link. "I... Holy crap."

"I know," murmured the Gastly. Keith rose out of his seat and quietly walked over to his bedroom door.

After a moment's pause, Keith knocked on the door. He wasn't sure how he could offer much in the way of comfort, but damned if he wasn't going to try. "Hey, uh... can I come in?" he asked.

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