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I do it so it feels like hell. I do it so it feels real.

Vanth nods in response to Gemini's question. "That is what we believe," she asserts. "We all remember going about our daily lives... school, work, training, whatever... and suddenly, a black sort of mist gets blown in our faces. Next thing we know, BAM! Stuck in the consciousness of a damn Spiritomb. Some of us remember a presence behind us, and some remember the hand holding the bottle the spray came out of. Black bottle. Odd shape. Hard to describe, since we've got some conflicting reports. Suffice to say... Whoever did that to us, needs to get a damn spray of their own. No one deserves to be trapped in here the way we are... Well, except that one personality that keeps getting Justin Bieber songs stuck in our head."

"I resent that," one of the personalities then remarks through Vanth's sudden voice change.

"And what about you? How did you become Gemini, the creature with two heads?" Another voice asks with some curiosity in her tone.

Meanwhile, Keith points the ladies toward his bedroom, letting them know that they can engage in more private conversation there. He indicates that he will wait in the living room; though Coselle motions as if she is about to speak, she goes silent again, instead offering to lead Marion to the room in question. Marion is immediately impressed by the size of Keith's bed; idly thinking of how nice it would be to have a double bed for when Duke came to visit her, she is snapped out of the reverie by Coselle jumping on to the bed, sprawling out on it with a wry grin.

"This is our bed, you know," she comments with some measure of pride. "Keith intends to share it with me. Rather bold on his part, wouldn't you say?"

In contrast to Coselle's comfortable pose, Marion sits on the edge of the bed, as little of her body touching the sheets as possible. The discomfort in her eyes is obvious, though she tries to laugh. "I thought... I thought you didn't care about Keith like that..."

Coselle shrugs. "Well, if a man buys you a bed, you may as well lay in it, hmm?" The dark haired woman smirks at her sister, stretching a bit so that she can reach around to grab the files from her. "What's the damage, love? Am I doomed to a life as a mortal girl forever? Must I give up my strange abilities as a Banette and live out my life as a woman?" Coselle prepares to feign disappointment at the loss of her power. What had all that power gotten her in the end? A sister in the hospital and the authorities chasing her. She had enacted her revenge when necessary... She would figure something out for Neville. Perhaps now, she could finally lead a normal-

"No, Coselle." Marion sighs. "You are not doomed to the life of a mortal."

"What?!" Coselle springs up from her relaxed position in alarm. "What do you mean I am not mortal? My flesh burns! I have a damn cough! I feel... I feel his touch like I never could have before... Mary, what is-"

"You have some of my essence, Cosie. Some people call it 'soul', others 'humanity'... Basically, it's part of what makes me a human being, beyond the physical implications of a human. You have it, but it is not your own. You feed it using the same powers that allow you to create convincing illusions. Essentially, the essence powers a unique kind of illusion that fools even yourself, that fools your very being."

"What does that mean? What will happen to me?"

"It means... It means that you have about six months before the essence starts unraveling." Marion turns away, unable to look her sister in the eye. "A year if you're lucky." Marion pauses for a bit, trying to figure out the best way to convey what she has learned. "The essence... because it mimics life, your body is tricked into believing that it is alive... as it degrades, it will mimic dying. Systems will fail. You will get sick. Eventually, as the last of the essence fades, you will die, and revert into your original Banette form."

Coselle pauses for a moment, taking it all in; her pale eyes appear watery, as if she is about to cry. Not wanting to appear weak, she puffs out her chest, making herself look prideful. "No worries. I happen to be the best illusionist out there. Even if the essence leaves me, I can still make the best of it-"

"Er, Cosie..." Marion's voice is timid, yet the sadness it conveys shuts Coselle up immediately. "The essence utilizes your illusory abilities to essentially create your human form. When the essence dies... It will be a huge hit to those capabilties. It may take a while to even get the ability to create basic illusions back, let alone being able to disguise yourself as-"

"There has to be a way to reverse this. Isn't there a way I could get more essence?"

"You can kill someone and take it from them, yes, but if anything goes wrong... We don't even know if Curse can necessarily do that if you intentionally-"

"Well, who can we kill? Who won't be missed? Any friends particularly annoying you, my dear? Is Neville's trainer still alive?" Coselle bolts toward the door, but Marion immediately catches her by the arm.

"Would you really take someone's life just to prolong your own? Even a full transfer would not guarantee you a full life..."

Coselle's eyes flare as she turns to Marion, stiffening up as if she is about to strike her; instead, she flops back down on the bed, curling up on the side that Keith had intended for her, covering her face in order to hide the fact that she is crying. Marion can see the body-wreaking sobs despite these attempts, and immediately begins rubbing Coselle's back, trying to calm her. It was odd... all those nights when Minerva acted as Marion's comfort, Marion never thought that the tables will be turned someday. She tries to smile for her grieving sibling.

"For now... you need to make the best of what you have. I'll try to figure something out. There may be another way."

"Is there another way, Marion? Has your research found something?" Coselle lowers her hands for a moment to look up at her sister, hoping to see traces of hope.

"Well, no..." Marion sighs. "Not yet. I will do the best I can, though!"

"It isn't fair. It isn't fair... Why did I have to die? The bitch that killed me got to get married, have kids of her own, even though she fucking killed one of them... I should have had a life, Mary! I should have had a life... a husband, kids, the whole nine yards... I wanted... I wanted to have all that, someday, and she took it all away from me. And even though she's dead now... Even though I buried that c*** in the ground... It's like she's killing me all over again." Coselle brings the pillow to herself, hugging it like a child.

Marion hangs her head, not sure what to say.

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