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Gemini listened as Vanth stated that one thing they all agreed on is that they wanted out of the one crazy head they were all stuck in, and also that whoever it was that murdered them, they wanted dead. As Gemini's larger head opened his mouth to reply to this, one of Vanth's personalities spoke up in a tiny voice, stating that despite the insanity of their state, it was kinda nice being with Gemini. Both heads blushed slightly at this statement, before Vanth hissed decisively that they wanted out.

"So wait," said Gemini's smaller head. "Every one of you was killed by the exact same person?"

Meanwhile, Coselle had followed Keith to the door, and the conversation between her and Marion got Keith wondering. By the time Marion followed them inside, Keith began to suspect something wasn't right with Coselle- he knew full well she was wearing those gloves of hers to conceal a burn she had sustained at the Nightclub, though under circumstances she never revealed to Keith. He started to feel concern for Coselle, hoping there wasn't anything seriously wrong with her. As Marion quietly asked Coselle if there was somewhere they could talk in private, Keith spoke up.

"Just use my bedroom, right here," he said, gesturing to the appropriate door. "I'll just wait in the other room."

With that, Keith walked into the living room, Pomona happily following him, and suddenly, a dark sphere surrounded by purple smoke materialized before him. Keith, however, was so used to his Gastly appearing before him in this matter that he didn't even bat an eye.

"So," Chuck said to Keith. "That was Marion at the door, I presume?"

"Yeah," nodded Keith. "She's talking to Coselle in private at the moment, though."

"A private talk?" grinned Chuck. "And you feel absolutely no inclination to listen in?"

"No, come on," Keith said, shaking his head and chuckling. "No, I'm not the kind of guy who eavesdrops on other people's conversations." He continued to chuckle lightly as the Gastly gave him a shrewd look.

"It's killing you, isn't it?" he asked.

"So friggin' much," sighed Keith. "I'm betting this has everything to do with that burn on Coselle's hand. I'm worried about her, Chuck. I get the feeling something is wrong, and she won't tell me. I mean, she likely doesn't want me to worry, and that's nice and all, but keeping me in the dark like this is kinda having the exact opposite effect!"

The Gastly nodded. "Well, that being the case, I see it fit to help you out. Being that my body is entirely gaseous vapor, I found it quite easy to leave behind an ear close to your bedroom door. Should look like nothing more than a minuscule puff of purple smoke, tucked neatly into a corner." The Gastly grinned and chuckled.

"Oh, come on, Chuck, that's not right," Keith frowned, shaking his head. "I don't feel right letting you do this."

"And how right do you feel not knowing what might be wrong with your girlfriend?" Chuck responded smoothly.

"You are good, you know that?" sighed Keith as he gave a weak grin and plopped down into the nearest seat.

"Anything for one of my own kind," grinned Chuck as he took one of Bedivere's Miltank steaks and devoured it in one bite. "Mmm! Now this is good cooking!" the Gastly added. "Keith, you must try one of these."

"Sure," shrugged Keith as he fetched himself a plate, a knife, and a fork, and started in on one of the steaks. "Oh, wow," he added. He turned to face the Frillish responsible for the steaks and called out, "Good job on the steak, Bedivere!"

"Seconded," added Chuck as he started on another steak.

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