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"We all agree that we would rather be anywhere but inside this crazy head," the Spiritomb remarks pitifully. "Also, whoever is responsible for killing us in the first place... We all want that person dead. Too bad we don't know who it is..." Vanth suddenly raises a spectral hand, as if in a class, about to make a point to the teacher. "Oo, oo, wait! I disagree with part of that," a tiny voice from within Vanth speaks up. "You know, I'm kinda happy here... You're all really loud, and I don't like being pushed around, but being with Gemini is... kinda nice, I guess..."

Vanth narrows her eyes, as if so incensed by the little voice's opinion that words cannot capture her ire. "We want out," she finally hisses.

Coselle smirks a bit at Keith's verbal indication that he would continue where they left off at a later point, before walking with him to the door. Fortunately, Ginny sees Marion as decidedly non-threatening, and allows her in just before Keith opens the door for her himself, confirming that her Pokemon were indeed visiting.

"That's good to hear... I imagine Coselle is with them. They don't usually go off on their own unless she's with them." As if on cue, Coselle appears beside Keith at the door. She gives her sister a wry grin, though the moment she looks into her sister's eyes, that grin drops.

"Hey, sis... Er, what do you have there..." The normally boisterous, confident young lady seems oddly hesitant at the sight of the files in Marion's hands, and at the look the pale-haired woman is giving her.

"Perhaps we should talk about it later..." She motions to Keith as she says this, as if implying that Coselle may wish to speak to Marion alone.

"I don't keep secrets," Coselle responds rather flippantly, brushing off her sister's suggestion to wait.

"What's under those gloves, Cosie?" Marion tilts her head, feigning innocence, and Coselle immediately tries to hide her panic.

"Just a burn. No big deal," she responds with a feigned lack of concern, before motioning for her sister to come inside. Marion shakes her head, but decides against saying anything for the moment.

As Marion follows her sister and Keith inside the base, she discretely hands her sister one of the files, which appears to be labeled The Back to Life Phenomenon: Risks, Complications and Partial Transfer Abnormalities. Coselle flips through it for a moment before immediately closing it up again, looking a little pale. Murmur immediately catches sight of his trainer as she enters, and floats over to her, peering at the remaining files in her hands with great curiosity and concern. "Murmur, honey! I knew I'd find you here. Oh, I know... You've been talking about Cosie's burn all week. I wouldn't have even known if it wasn't for you." Marion pats the cottonball atop Murmur's head, while Coselle gives him a momentary glare, apparently realizing who ratted her out. Marion turns to Pomona, appearing as cheerful as possible. "Oh, is Pomona with you, too? Hey, Pomona! How have you been doing? Keeping Keith out of trouble, I hope! Can't say the same for my sister, of course..."

Marion turns to Coselle and speaks to her in a low voice. "Does Keith have a place where we can talk in private?"
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