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Bedivere grins widely at Myrtle's positive assessment of his cooking, and immediately begins plating the other steaks, first handing the biggest, juiciest one to Cheshire for his hard work, then floating towards the main room, displaying the delicious smelling steaks to all of the Pokemon assembled.

"Is anyone hungry?" Bedivere asks, a wide grin on his face. "I have made some delicious steaks for you all, ohohohoho~"

At first, Vanth makes a face. "I'm a vegetarian... Sorry, mate," she says in a distinctly Australian accent. The accent suddenly drops, however, when Vanth catches sight of the steaks, and she zooms toward them with a hungry expression. "STEEEEEAK" she cries, licking her lips and eating the first few bites appreciatively, and her expression turns sour. "I said I was a vegetarian," the Australian voice bitterly remarks, before the more American accent shouts, "SHUT YOUR PIE HOLE AND EAT!"

Apparently, one of the personalities remembers that she was speaking with Gemini, and turns to him, continuing as if the conversation had never been interrupted. "We fight over that, yes... but we fight about everything. What to eat, where to sleep, who we love and hate, what we say to people... No one agrees. The ones who just wanted to die got weeded out early, at least... but the remaining, well, we can't even decide if..." Before Vanth can even finish her sentence, she immediately turns away, gobbling up the meat once again.

Meanwhile, without any hesitation, Liliana zooms into the cupboard; one of her little ghostly hands phases through the door, motioning for Peeves to join her before the hand quickly phases back inside, a giggle coming from the secret compartment.

Keith admits that some dreams are beautiful, but even the best dreams cannot compete with a beautiful reality. Coselle moves in to close the gap between them, kissing him deeply before biting his lower lip, just hard enough to make him squirm a bit. The look in her eyes was a familiar one; predatory, yet playful, it was the type of look that could make a man's heart nearly burst out of his chest. Ripping off his belt in a fast, fluid motion, she appears as if she may begin striking him with it, before the sound of someone familiar at the door stops her dead in her tracks, the belt hanging limp in her hand. Throwing it unceremoniously down on the bed, she gets up off of Keith, moving towards the entrance. "You have a visitor, I believe..."

Indeed, at the base of the tree, a familiar face does seem to be waiting to be admitted entry into Keith's new home. Perhaps her entrance is not as creepy or invasive as her sister's, but the polite, lavender-haired trainer who greets Ginny is certainly no stranger to the paranormal. In fact, the ominous surroundings of Keith's Secret Base seems to put her more at ease than anything else. The young woman has a stack of folders held tightly under her arm, and though her outfit is a bit more businesslike than usual, it is still inspired by Victorian fashion.

"Hello, there! You must be one of Keith's newer Pokemon... He's always getting new ones, isn't he?" Marion laughs a bit, bowing in greeting to the Pawniard. "My name's Marion. I was wondering if a few odd ghosts had been seen around here with a dark-haired woman... I can't find them anywhere, so I figured I'd check here." Marion gives the Pawniard a gentle smile, though she appears weighted down... Maybe even a little sad, though the reason is not immediately obvious.

Meanwhile, having already cleared security, Pomona now sought to strike up a conversation with the despondent Murmur. Cheery as ever, the Ivysaur shows a rather impeccable memory for names before introducing herself as Pomona.

You are correct, Pomona. My name is Murmur, the little Drifloon says, though doing a poor job of hiding the anger and sadness in his voice. I am... Well, I have had better days, to be sure. How are you, Pomona?
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