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Myrtle watched as Bedivere cooked the steaks. Though her feelings have changed as of late, she still knew that Bedivere was the best damn cook she's ever known. As Bedivere handed one of the steaks to Myrtle, she politely accepted it and took a bite. As she expected it to be, the steak was absolutely delicious.

"This is de-li-cious, Be-di-vere," Myrtle replied once she had swallowed the bite of steak. "Thank you."

From past experience, Gemini were somewhat prepared to get a little bit of attitude along with Vanth's answer. Sure enough, the Spiritomb's answer was delivered with attitude, asserting that if they knew what went wrong, they'd have tried to fix it. Suddenly, their expression softened, and Vanth stated that they shouldn't be mean. The currently speaking personality mentioned a Dodrio she had owned when she was a trainer, and talked about how the heads would fight sometimes, though nowhere near like what went on between them. The silence that followed was broken somewhat by the rather random proclamation of the silliness of Dodrio.

"I'm glad we never fight like that," murmured the Weezing's smaller head.

"What is it that you mostly fight about, anyway?" asked Gemini. "I mean, we're guessing it's about which one of you eventually takes full control of... you... are we close?"

It was almost as though Peeves could read Liliana's mind. He couldn't, but it was almost as if. For at that moment, Peeves said, "So, Lil... Chuck clearly want us have privacy... You think maybe secret cookie compartment no too crowded for both of us?"

Coselle was quick to position herself on top of Keith, an action he had no objection to whatsoever. "I wouldn't mind in the slightest," Keith replied, grinning. Coselle then reminded Keith that she doesn't sleep... and that he did... and that that made him vulnerable. She brought her face close to his, and stated that she could do anything, and he would be powerless, while speaking the last word in a creepy stutter that sent chills down Keith's spine, for more reasons than one. He felt a strange combination of nervousness and excitement, an effect Coselle had on him quite often. An odd blend of fear and eager anticipation. This was compounded as she used one hand to lift his chin, exposing his neck, and the other to softly trace a line over his jugular. The entire time, she was cackling. Then, she confessed her envy for his ability to dream- being an insomniac, she hasn't had a dream for over twenty years, and forgot what it was like.

Keith thought about this for a second, then spoke up in response. "Well, I'm not gonna lie, sometimes dreams can be wonderful... Then again," he said, his grin widening somewhat as he looked into her eyes, "sometimes reality can turn out better than anything your mind could ever dare to dream."

Outside the Secret Base, Ginny stood guard. Suddenly, the Pawniard stiffened as she noticed an Ivysaur approaching.

"Halt!" Ginny shouted, brandishing her blade like hands as she glared down to the bottom of the tree. "Who goes there?!"

The Ivysaur giggled. "Don't be silly, Ginny! It's me, Pomona!" She was holding a very large amount of flowers in a vine that snaked out from beneath her flower. She extended another vine, which she used to hoist herself up to the wooden platform before the front door. "You remember, I left a little earlier to pick flowers for the base? Oh, nobody told Keith, right? I want it to be a surprise, flowers are gonna make this place so much more pretty, don't you think?"

"The password, if you please," Ginny replied.

Pomona rolled her eyes, yet giggled again at the same time. "Aw, come on, Ginny, you got to lighten up a little bit! Don't be so serious all the time!" As she said this, she used her free vine to extract a single blue flower and position it on the Pawniard's shiny red helmet. "Besides, it took me sooooo long to pick all these, you can't imagine how many dead flowers there are around here, and those aren't very decorative at all-"

"The password, if you please," repeated Ginny in a slightly more irritated voice.

"Fine," chuckled Pomona. "Mayonnaise."

"Very well," nodded Ginny. "You may enter." She had noted Pomona's giggling, which ruled out a code pink- even just giggling would have forced a Ditto to undo its transformation- as well as her use of Vine Whip- Zorua and Zoroark were always restricted to their own moves, no matter what they were impersonating. Pomona happily made her way inside. Ginny made to rip the flower off her helmet, but paused as she noticed her reflection in one of the windows. Instead, she merely adjusted the flower's angle, paused to admire the look for a second, then resumed her post.

Pomona, meanwhile, walked into the living room, and gasped audibly. "Ohhh, we have guests already?! I didn't see any guests come in, oh, hi! Hiiii!" she exclaimed excitedly, trying to greet everyone at once. In her excitement, she had flung the flowers into the air, and they were drifting through the air every which way, but she didn't care. Spotting the nearest guest, the Ivysaur raced over to Murmur, who was still looking upset. Not letting this deter her, Pomona happily greeted him. "Hiii!" she said. "Hi, you're... wait, I know this... Oh, yeah, Murmur! You're Murmur, right? Remember me? Pomona? From the bar? Hi! How are you doing?" she asked.

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