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Bedivere and Cheshire waste no time heading over to the sink, as Bedivere produces a grilling pan from seemingly nowhere and starts adding a few Miltank steaks to the pan. Upon closer inspection of the steaks, it seems as if Bedivere already coated them with an aromatic spice blend of his own creation. With a nod to Cheshire, the Gastly punches the air around the sink with his Fire Punch, creating a flame with which Bedivere can cook. Bedivere sears the steaks very quickly on either side, ensuring that they will be as rare as possible, before setting them down to rest a bit before cutting them. He cooks the steaks with an extraordinary speed... perhaps the magical nature of Cheshire's fire assisted in this phenomenon. Once Bedivere is convinced that the steaks have rested long enough, the Frillish hands the first of his steaks to Myrtle with a smile. "For you, my dear Myrtle. Please let me know how it tastes~"

Gemini shows a considerable amount of concern for Vanth, who still shudders with the strength of the hit she endured. Despite the fact that Vanth had asked for the shock, and indeed seemed grateful, Gemini cannot help but feel somewhat guilty for hurting her, even if it was for her own mental health.

"What went wrong? Who the fuck knows? If we knew, we'd do our best to fix it, now, wouldn't we?" Vanth's current personality cops a huge attitude, narrowing her eyes at Gemini before suddenly softening her expression. "No, we shouldn't be mean to you. You smell funny, but you're trying to help. I used to have a Dodrio when I was a trainer, you know, and the heads fought sometimes, but nothing like this... The best thing you could do is figure out why it happened in the first place... we've got at least 100 voices up here and none of 'em have a damn clue!" Vanth grimaces. "Even that ghost lady who calls herself our trainer doesn't seem to know, though she's been looking through all kinds of books." She pauses for a moment, before suddenly shouting, "DODRIO ARE SILLY!"

Liliana returns the hug, giving him a huge kiss on the cheek. Chuck takes the hint and gives the pair a bit of personal space, and Liliana wonders if perhaps the pair should hide in the secret compartment with the cookies for some privacy.

Coselle smirks at Keith's open invitation. "Well, then I suppose you would not mind me staying the night, then, would you?" Coselle cackles, pushing Keith down into the bed by his shoulders as she positions herself on top of him with surprising agility. "You know that I do not sleep, right? Ah, but yoooou do, Keith... And it makes you vulnerable." Coselle digs her nails into Keith's shoulders, leaning forward so that their noses are almost touching, their breath mingling. "I could do anything, and you would be pow-er-lessss." She lets go of Keith's shoulders, but only to lift his chin up to expose his neck; with her other hand, she softly traces a line over his jugular, as if indicating the exact place where she could slit his throat, cackling all the while. "I envy you, though... you can still enter the world of dreams. I have not gone in over twenty years... I forget what it is like, you know, to dream."
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