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Before Bedivere could answer Myrtle, Cheshire popped up, offering the use of his Fire Punch as a solution. Myrtle found that she wasn't quite as irritated with this interruption as she would have been in the past, and said nothing as Bedivere produced a pair of tongs from seemingly nowhere. Then, the Frillish asked Myrtle where Cheshire should position the flame so as to not burn down the Secret Base. "Keith and Her-mi-o-ne al-ways cook ev-er-y-thing o-ver the sink," replied Myrtle, "so I sup-pose put-ting it right o-ver the sink would work."

As the Thunderbolt connected, Vanth's eyes grew wide with pain and shock, a sight that did not sit well with either of Gemini's heads. However, the weakened Thunderbolt did not KO the Spiritomb. Nor did it paralyze her, though it became clear that this setback did not matter- the attack itself had been enough to stop the fighting. Indeed, Vanth thanked Gemini for what they had done, and explained that while their personalities were starting to dwindle, it was a slow and painful process, and that it should have happened while in the Egg, and something had gone wrong.

"Oh, man, that sounds awful," said Gemini's larger head. "What could've gone wrong, anyway?"

"There any way we could help?" added the smaller head. "I mean, you know, other than having to hurt you like that? Sounds like you go through enough pain as it is."

As Liliana blushed and asked Peeves if what he said was true, Peeves nodded emphatically. Liliana then stated that each of them is the best thing to happen to the other, and Peeves hugged her on the spot.

"I certainly can't argue with that," grinned Chuck as he watched this unfold. He then slowly vanished into thin air, so as to give the couple a little bit of privacy.

Over in the bedroom, Keith grinned as Coselle admired the guts he had to tell her that he sprung for a double bed specifically because of her. As she told him that this would make it that much harder to get rid of her, Keith, still grinning, raised an eyebrow. "You're implying I'd want to get rid of you in the first place," he replied. "You're always welcome here."

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