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As the emotions were suddenly sucked back into Bedivere, the Frillish told Myrle only that they were feelings from the past, and that they should remain in the past. With that, Bedivere floated over to the small kitchen, presumably to prepare more food. Myrtle followed after him. "If you are ho-ping to cook a-ny-thing," Myrtle said, "You might need some help. Meat Sack has yet to pur-chase an o-ven or stove of a-ny kind, and in-stead has my team-mates as-sist him in the coo-king. Us-u-al-ly, his Wee-dle does most of the coo-king- it is some-thing of a tal-ent of hers'- but she is with her boy-friend at the mo-ment. Per-haps I could help?" Myrtle offered. "I do not know a-ny Fi-re moves, but I re-cent-ly learned Thun-der-bolt."

Both of Gemini's heads gave small smiles as Vanth grinned at their complement of her name. And then, another argument was starting within Vanth's mind. She quickly asked the Weezing whether they knew a move that could paralyze, stating that it could stop the voices. And then, one of the voices threatened to kill another of them. Vanth cried out in pain, and Gemini started to panic. Both heads exchanged freaked out glances.

"OK, um... Poison Gas, no... Psybeam, no... Damn it!" grunted the larger head.

"What are you doing?" demanded the smaller head.

"You heard Vanth- paralysis stops the voices! And... damn, we only have one move that can paralyze!"



"Well, what are we waiting for?"

"Are you kidding me? We're level 100. Vanth is what, level 4? This'll knock her out!" argued the larger head. "Which we do not want!"

"OK, OK!"

"OK, let's see... any chance we can reason with them?" asked the larger head desperately. At this, the smaller head turned to face him, shaking himself side to side slowly. "OK, bad idea," conceded the larger head. "Rrrrh... Arceus damn it, we got no other options. We just gotta make it as weak as we possibly can."

"Right," replied the smaller head.

"Vanth... forgive us," pleaded Gemini's larger head as the Weezing unleashed the feeblest Thunderbolt they could do, hoping the weakness would make it function more like Thunder Wave- instant paralysis with no actual damage. They weren't sure how likely this was to actually work, of course.

"Ah, you're his girlfriend?" grinned Chuck as he formed some of his gas into a spectral hand, with which he shook Liliana's hand. "Well, well, boss. Now that you're dead, you're really living, aren't you?" At this, the Gastly laughed.

"Yes," said Peeves as he hugged Liliana. "Lil here best thing ever happen to me."

"I can see that," replied Chuck.

Keith entered his bedroom, his Pawniard following close behind, and saw Coselle lying on his bed. She was dressed in her typical gothic attire, with a new pair of gloves Keith couldn't help but notice, likely to conceal her burned hand. He chose to not remark on this as she commented on his choice of a double bed. Keith couldn't help but grin and chuckle a bit as she jokingly accused him of encouraging the couples on his team to act immorally. "Trust me," grinned Keith. "They don't need my encouragement to act... immorally. No, I got this with you in mind," he added as he reclined on the bed next to Coselle.

Ginny marched over to the bed and looked up at Coselle warily. So far, she didn't seem to be doing anything dangerous. Keith seemed in no imminent danger. "You're fine... for now," Ginny said to Coselle. "But be warned, I got my eye on you."

"Ah, yeah, that's Ginny, my Pawniard," Keith said at the sound of her voice. "Don't mind her. She's more overprotective than Sirius, but she means well. Ginny? It's OK. Why don't you guard the front door again?"

"Yes, sir," replied Ginny, albeit somewhat reluctantly. She marched out of the bedroom, and paused for a moment before continuing on. She exited the base and stood outside the door, sharply glaring at anything that seemed to move suspiciously. Even Scorpius and Hermione, both of whom were at the base of the tree.

"Well, if you knew Keith like I know him," Severus said to Murmur, "Then you'd know that he truly loves Coselle, and he wouldn't let anything happen to her. I mean, you do have every right to be concerned for her, but Meowth and Peeves told me about that day at the park. Keith was under the impression he was risking death just to apologize to her, and it didn't deter him at all. Does that sound like he'd ever let anything bad happen to her?"

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