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Myrtle's words did not dissuade Bedivere, and she could do nothing as the Frillish called upon a memory which filled him with an emotion she hadn't been expecting. It wasn't sadness, per se, nor was it really rage or hatred... but the depth of its flavor was undeniable... Longing, Myrtle realized, is what it was. Longing for what, however, she could not say. All she could sense is that it was an intense and unfulfilled desire... not unlike what Myrtle felt for Bedivere, as it were. She started to feed on Bedivere's longing, her cynical side stopping her from hoping that she was what the Frillish desired so desperately. OK, it didn't stop her completely. As she ate at the emotion, curiosity got the better of her.

"Be-di-vere," she asked quietly and gently, "if I may ask, what is it that fills you with such des-per-ate de-si-re? What... what do you long for?"

Meanwhile, Vanth voiced their approval of Gemini's name, though seemed decidedly less agreed on their own name, some of the personalities being very vocal of their disapproval of the name Vanth. Finally, the Spiritomb admitted with a sigh that it could sometimes be confusing.

"Sounds like it," nodded Gemini's larger head. "I can't even imagine what we would've done if this guy here hadn't agreed that we were named Gemini."

"It was no problem, really," the smaller head added. "It's the only name I ever knew."

"Anyway, I like Vanth, it's... it's a nice name," added the larger head.

Before Liliana could even ask for more cookies, Peeves held the entire package of Oreos out to her. Then, sounds of munching could be heard from within the hidden cupboard. Peeves opened the door, to reveal a Gastly within, happily snacking on an Oreo.

"Oh, hey, boss," the Gastly grinned. "Sorry, knew these were for you, but I had to try one."

"Understandable," Peeves nodded. "Chuck, I want you meet Liliana. Lil, this Chuck. He and I old friends."

"And a pleasure it is to meet you," Chuck said as he looked at Liliana. "And when boss here says old friends, he ain't kidding. We go way back."

"Chuck, I keep telling you, no call me boss no more. My name Peeves, call me Peeves."

"Sorry," grinned Chuck. "I feel more comfortable calling you boss, it's all I knew you as in life."

Keith, meanwhile, listened and nodded as Cheshire explained that a Gastly's true power lay in its eyes- the power for moves such as Hypnosis and Confuse Ray, Spite and Curse, and naturally, Mean Look. Then, suddenly, Cheshire realized he was keeping Keith from Coselle, and allowed him past. Keith grinned in response and walked towards his bedroom. "Coselle?" he said as he made to enter the room.

Severus listened as Murmur voiced his fear that Minerva's choices would only bring her pain. "How do you mean?" asked Severus. "How would her choices be bringing her pain?"

Just then, the front door of the Secret Base swung open, and small footsteps could be heard. "Checking in, sir," came a voice. "Everything seems secure, so far. Nothing out of place, no suspicious, shady types, no- INTRUDERS!" the Pawniard exclaimed the last word as she noticed the numerous Ghost-types that have entered the Secret Base. Meowth ran up to the Pawniard hastily.

"Hey, hey, take it easy dere, Ginny," Meowth said. "Dey're not intruders, dey're guests- WAH!" Meowth exclaimed as Ginny brandished one of her knife-like hands at Meowth like a sword.

"And why should I take your word for it?" demanded Ginny.

"Hey, it's me, it's Meowth, I'm on yer side!" protested Meowth.

"A likely story!" Ginny snarled. "What's the secret word?"

Meowth rolled his eyes, but knew better than to protest. "Mayonnaise," he sighed.

Ginny nodded, but did not lower her arm. "Like it wouldn't be that hard for an enemy spy to extract it from you," she snapped before raking Meowth's torso with a light scratch.

"Eeowch!" Meowth exclaimed. "What'd ya do dat for?!"

"Alright, you're not a Zorua or Zoroark," Ginny stated. "Their illusions fade when they're attacked. And you're too solid to be a Ghost-type's illusion. A Scratch attack would have gone right through."

"So maybe youse can lower yer arm?" Meowth asked.

"Not so fast," said Ginny. "I haven't ruled out a code pink just yet."

Meowth rolled his eyes. Code pink meant that there was a Ditto spy among them. Ginny moved closer to Meowth... closer... and then tickled him. Meowth started laughing uncontrollably as Ginny backed off at last.

"My apologies, Meowth, but I had to make sure," Ginny said. "You're clear. Ditto can't maintain their transformation if made to laugh." She took two steps into the living room and glanced around before turning to face Meowth. "Where is Keith?" she demanded.

"Bedroom," Meowth explained. "His girlfriend's in dere too. I wouldn't follow dem, dey like their privacy."

"Be that as it may, I must be sure that she is who she says she is," insisted Ginny.

"Dere's no need fer dat," Meowth argued. "Keith can tell. Trust me."

"I can't be sure," Ginny retorted, shaking her head. "I need to be sure." With that, she walked up to Keith, who was about to enter his bedroom.

"Oh, hey, Ginny," Keith greeted his Pawniard. "Did you want to meet Coselle?"

Ginny nodded in response and gave Keith a salute.

"All right," nodded Keith. "But no attacking, do I make myself clear? Coselle's all right, she's not a threat."

"I'll be the judge of that, if you please, sir," the Pawniard replied as she followed her trainer.

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