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Bedivere chortles as Myrtle insists that she would never ask him to feel anything negative, despite the fact that she feasts on negative emotions.

"Do not fret, my dearest Lady Myrtle! It has been such a dreadfully long time since I have seen you, and I would not want you going hungry when I am a guest in your home. Here, a feast for you..."

Bedivere closes his eyes, and channels a memory deep within himself... As the memory surfaces, presumably from his life, Myrtle can immediately sense that these emotions, though certainly not what would be defined as positive, were not the typical sadness, rage or hatred to which she had likely become accustomed. This emotion was far more complex, bittersweet... Even Bedivere's emotion seemed to be gourmet in its subtlety and the depth of its flavor. Though difficult to categorize, the word that comes to Myrtle's mind is longing... An intense and unfulfilled desire, from the very depths of Bedivere's being, which was such an integral part of him and yet never seemed to surface in his constant cheeriness. What he longed for was not immediately apparent, but the emotion was there, radiating off his very being, for her to feast upon.

"Gemini? Because you have two heads?" Vanth tilts her/their head, pausing for a moment before laughing. "The name suits you, Gemini! A bit of an obvious choice, but... suitable, certainly." Vanth furrows her brow, becoming angry at something. "My name is Margaret. Margaret! But nobody calls me- MY NAME IS ANNABELLE. My name is Lynn. Clarice. Van- Vanth. Vanth. VANTH. We decided on Vanth. It was decided. I hate Vanth! Well, shut the fuck up! YOUR NAME IS VANTH MY NAME IS VANTH WE ARE VANTH" The Spiritomb's eyes swirl with torment, the voices clearly not at complete consensus about her name. "I... well, it can be confusing, sometimes," Vanth admits, sighing.

Liliana claps her hands together eagerly and grabs the cookie, scarfing it down eagerly. "Cookie~" she sings happily, crumbs all over her face. "More, please!"

Cheshire listens to Keith explain his one attack, smog, and grins a bit. "The truth is, our main weapon is our eyes, Keith. If looks could kill, they say... but they can! We hypnotize, confuse, spite, leer, give mean looks, even curse.... all with our eyes. Much as I love my smile..." Cheshire fades in and out as he says this, his grin remaining solid, "a lick attack can only do so much." Gastly slowly fades back into existence. "If you wish to be a smart pupil - focus on the pupils!" Cheshire chortles a bit at his own pun. "It may be that you underestimate the power of an appropriately focused stare."

Cheshire chuckles a bit. "Ah, but I am keeping you from Coselle, am I not? Perhaps we shall continue our conversation at another time... but remember what I have told you."

Murmur listens with a focused expression as Severus immediately points out that Murmur is giving Keith the same jealous gaze as he did to James, the Vileplume that Lily fell in love with. He thinks for a moment before responding.

Yes... I heard about this story before. She chose to love a Pokemon she cannot breed with, and cannot ever really have children of her own... A great sacrifice, but she has found her own happiness with Six, correct? She made the best family she could. No, your story does not bear resemblance to mine, much as you think it does. At least your Lily found a happy ending despite what she has sacrificed. Murmur sighs, looking off into the distance. I fear that all Minerva's choices will bring her is pain.
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