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"Slaughtered the Miltank yourself?" Keith repeated, half incredulous, half impressed. "I'd say that qualifies them as homemade, all right." Bedivere then turned to Myrtle, and stated that he should feel an emotion for her to eat.

"I... That is ve-ry kind of you, Be-di-vere," Myrtle said, blushing slightly. "But... the on-ly e-mo-tions I en-joy ea-ting are ne-ga-tive ones... And... I could ne-ver ask you to make your-self feel a-ny-thing ne-ga-tive..." Myrtle blushed even harder as she said this, in spite of her best efforts.

Vanth started going off about the smell of sulfur. Irrelevant though it was, the Weezing found it mildly interesting that humans could never become accustomed to the smell of sulfur. One personality shift later, however, and Vanth was now wondering what that had to do with anything, and asking Gemini who they were. The heads exchanged glances, both of them recalling that as Vanth had a hundred and eight different personalities, it was likely they would have to introduce themselves many times over. "Our name is Gemini," the Weezing replied.

Keith smiled as Liliana asked if it was really OK if they were to eat the cookies. "Yes, I'm sure," Keith replied. "I only got them for you and Peeves in the first place, so it wouldn't make any sense for me to keep them from you."

"Come on, Lil," Peeves said as he floated over to what appeared to be an ordinary stretch of wall, and pulled it open, revealing a hidden door, and a cabinet full of packages of Oreos. He took out one of the packages, opened it, and offered one of the Oreos to Liliana.

As Cheshire chuckled, so did Keith. "Yeah, I know what you mean," Keith grinned. "So, you heard. I'm 1/4th Gastly. No, never spoke to a Gastly before, other than you." As Cheshire asked Keith whether he had ever considered developing the 25% of himself that was Gastly DNA, Keith gave it a few seconds' thought before replying. "Truth be told, I've given the idea some thought before. I've always been able to generate Smog... When I was eleven, I managed a fully fledged Smog attack, but then I was out for the next sixteen hours. Never gave it much effort after that."

It was around then that Murmur replied to Keith's statements. Though Keith couldn't speak Drifloon language, he somehow got the impression that whatever Murmur was saying was rather profanity-laden. As Murmur and Cheshire conversed, Severus observed. Once Murmur calmed down somewhat and introduced himself to Severus, the Dustox replied, "Nice to meet you, Murmur. But... Come on, who are you kidding? That look in your eyes, the way you were glaring at Keith, it was unmistakable. Believe me, it takes one to know one. See, Keith has this Venomoth named Lily, and she is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen... She's smart, she's funny, she's just perfect," Severus sighed, before frowning. "But, see, James, Keith's Vileplume, he and Lily are in love with each other. And I would glare at James same way you were glaring at Keith just now. For years, I saw James only as a stubborn obstacle between me and Lily... But a few months ago, I realized something. Those two are in love, and I realized that if I really cared about Lily, then I would want her to be happy, even if it meant letting her be with someone else. Just... think about that for a little bit, huh?"

Meanwhile, a strand of String Shot zoomed down from the ceiling and stuck to one of the Miltank steaks before being reeled in. A look at the ceiling would reveal an Ariados quietly munching on the steak.

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