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As Keith invites his unexpected guests in, the Ghost-types waste no time entering the living room, all of them phasing through the walls, except for Bedivere, presumably due to the large platter of Miltank steaks he presented to Keith.

"Right here on the table, Bedivere," Keith said in response to Bedivere asking where he should put the steaks. "Thank you very much, they look delicious."

Almost immediately, Myrtle floated up behind Bedivere. "Hel-lo, Be-di-vere," the Shuppet said, her voice lacking any of the iciness it usually contained when she addressed... pretty much everyone else.

The Spiritomb approached Gemini, and as usual, shifted between personalities. The first one seemed glad to meet Gemini, the second thought they smelled funny, and the third claimed to smell nothing at all, seemingly in order to ensure that Gemini took no offense.

"Vanth, it's nice to see you again," replied Gemini's larger head. "And no offense taken. We know it takes a little while for others to get used to the way we smell." Indeed, while the Spiritomb was undoubtedly an odd one, Gemini couldn't help but find them fascinating.

Peeves, meanwhile, found himself getting hugged from behind by Liliana, who gleefully greeted him and asked if he had missed her. Peeves returned the hug as best as he could and answered, "Oh, yes, Lil, I miss you so much!!! I so glad you here!" He then dropped his voice to a whisper and added, "If you hungry, I know where Keith hide cookies."

"I heard that, Peeves," Keith said, though with a smile. "You know very well those cookies are for you and Liliana, so go on and help yourselves." At this point, Keith noticed that Coselle has not entered the living room. Concerned for his beloved, Keith made to go into the bedroom, but encountered Cheshire and Murmur. The Gastly remarked on how he had heard some interesting things about Keith. The Poison-type trainer had a shrewd idea as to what these interesting things might have been. "Have you, now?" Keith grinned. "Such as what, might I ask?" It was then that Keith noticed Murmur glaring at him. While a glare from a Drifloon wasn't exactly a bone-chilling experience, the anger in Murmur's eyes was unmistakable. In fact, Keith had seen this look before; in Severus's eyes, whenever he would glare at James, before the two became friends. He had a feeling he knew exactly what this was about.

"Murmur," Keith greeted the Drifloon quietly. "I think we should get this straight right now. I love Coselle, and she loves me. My mind cannot and will not be changed on this matter. The best I can do for you right now is introduce you to one of my Pokemon who can relate to your situation," Keith added as he produced a Poke Ball and opened it up, releasing a Dustox into the room. Severus glanced at Keith, then at Murmur, then back at Keith, then back at Murmur again before speaking up. "You love Coselle, don't you?" he asked the Drifloon. "My name's Severus, what's yours?

As Severus talked to Murmur, Keith turned to face Cheshire once again. "So, you were saying something about interesting things you've been hearing about me?" Keith grinned.

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