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Keith encourages his uninvited guests to come in, and the spirits waste no time in joining their friends in the living room; the ghostly Pokemon phase through the walls, floating around the living room with curiosity. Bedivere, who takes the "long way", appears in the living room with a large plate covered in the juiciest-looking Miltank steaks that one could possibly imagine. "Where may I place these, Master Keith," the Frillish asks with a smile.

"The two headed one! The one that the others spoke to! I knew I would find you..." The airy, ethereal voice of one of Vanth's personalities greets Gemini before a personality change overtakes her. "You smell funny!" The voice is almost masculine in its drop, and Vanth makes a face as if smelling something bad, before she is immediately overtaken by yet another personality; "I do not smell anything! No, I do not smell anything at all. The other is mistaken."

Liliana sneaks up behind Peeves, tackling him with a big hug. "Hello~!" She cries out happily, clearly delighted to see him. "Miss me?"

Coselle remains in the bedroom, presumably sulking as a direct result of her failed attempt to frighten Keith and drinking her absinthe... perhaps formulating a new plan to frighten him. Cheshire uses this opportunity to speak with the trainer himself, a wide grin on his face.

"I have heard some interesting things about you, Keith," the Gastly comments with a wry smile. "Very interesting, indeed."

Behind Cheshire, a little Drifloon glares angrily at the poison trainer. Of course, the glare is not very intimidating given the size and apparent lack of strength of the little 'floon, and yet the ire in the gaze is distinct... What could be the cause of such a rage directed at Keith?
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