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The furniture was in place, the cable was hooked up to the TVs, the plumbing was connected, the fridge was stocked with food, Keith was all moved into his Secret Base.

"At last," Keith sighed as he flopped down on the sofa. "Good work, everyone. Peeves, Myrtle, thanks so much, your Psychic attacks were a huge help."

"Is no problem," replied the Duskull modestly.

"What-e-ver," scoffed the Shuppet.

"Gemini, Meowth, you two did good, too," Keith added, addressing his Weezing and Meowth.

"Tink nuttin' of it," Meowth replied modestly.

"Yeah, it was our pleasure," Gemini's heads replied simultaneously (albeit in Weezing language, which Keith couldn't understand, though he got the meaning well enough).

Just then, soft footsteps could be heard from the bedroom.

"Wah!" Meowth exclaimed, jumping a foot into the air. "Wat was dat?!"

Keith rolled his eyes. "Meowth, I already told you, this area is haunted. The ghosts are just welcoming us in, that's all-" He was cut off, however, by the dark, feminine cackle which sounded from the bedroom. Eerie and chilling though it was, Keith's instinctive reaction of nervousness was mixed with excitement, for the cackling sounded all too familiar to him. And then the cackling was accompanied by the laughter of another, and this caught Myrtle's attention. Then came more voices- another female voice expressing a desire to see Peeves, which caught the Duskull's attention, followed by another voice, stating that they sought the two-headed one, which caused Gemini's heads to exchange glances.

"Heh," Keith grinned; it seemed that Coselle had made her way into Keith's bedroom, likely with the intent of terrorizing him, but hadn't counted on a number of Marion's other Pokemon coming along with her- Bedivere, Liliana, Vanth, Cheshire, and Murmur, Marion's Frillish, Duskull, Spiritomb, Gastly, and Drifloon. He then called down the hallway. "Come right in, everyone."

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