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Jellicent Ohohohohoho~

It was not long after Keith moved in that the sound of strange footsteps in the bedroom caught his ear. Perhaps this phenomenon was not so surprising after moving into a haunted locale, but certainly the thought of another being living in the house was unsettling... Then again, it could simply be a bit of imagination applied to a relatively harmless sound. In places like this, one's imagination does tend to go wild.

What is not imagined, however, is the dark, feminine cackle that rings out from the bedroom, distinct and clear, filling the room with its eerie presence. The cackle is soon joined by the hearty laughter of a male voice, which appears to stop the female voice dead in its tracks.

"What are YOU doing here," the female voice questions rather viciously, being met with a calm, happy chuckle from the other voice.

"Oh, I came to bring some food for your visit, my dear Coselle! One would not want to go hungry while thoroughly frightening and terrorizing their beloved, now, would they? Ohohohoho~"

"How did... Why did... I did not even sense you..."

"Do not fret, my dear! I brought your favorite absinthe with all the accouterments to go with the meal." The soft clinking of glasses can be heard, as well as an exasperated groan from the female voice.

"I NOT WAIT TO SEE PEEVES," a different female voice rings out from the room gleefully.

"You lot are going to drive me mad. How on Arceus' green Earth did the two of you manage to follow me here? Are there any more stowaways I need to be aware of? Oh, Giratina..."

"I seek the two-headed one," yet another voice joins the cacophony of ghostly beings. Joining the voice is another spooky laughter; this one distinctly male.

"Perfect, Vanth and Cheshire are here, too... oh, and Murmur. Wonderful. You say you brought absinthe, Bedivere? May as well break it out... I can already tell that I am going to need it."

"Certainly, Mistress," the cheerful male voice responds with vigor as the clinking of glasses can once again be heard.
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