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Scolipede The Poisonous Paradise- Keith's Secret Base

The Hidden Mansion- an old, decrepit, yet somehow still grand and imposing house, now rumored to be inhabited and owned solely by the dead. While only the bravest (or most foolhardy) of the living would dare take up residence inside, the expansive grounds have proven a popular location for trainers to set up homes for themselves in the form of Secret Bases. Indeed, one such residence has now been established in the form of a three-story house, built atop a short, dead, blackened tree, complete with a Pokémon Center. While some may see this as unsafe, it has been determined that this particular tree was petrified as a result of various venoms and toxins it has been exposed to, making it hard as a rock, and all the better of a fit for the trainer who lives in the house atop it.

The floor you enter the Secret Base on, consisting entirely of a Pokémon Center, where visitors are allowed (and encouraged) to heal up their tired Pokémon. Following a fantastically fortuitous windfall at the Casino, Keith had his Secret Base redone to add this Pokémon Center. The stairs and elevator in the back lead to the floors above, where Keith and his Pokémon actually reside. The ladder leading up to the building has also been replaced with a ramp, allowing for much easier access.

Pokémon Center: Welcome to our Pokémon Center! In lieu of a Nurse Joy, you will often find Helena floating behind the counter, happy to place your Poké Balls on the tire-shaped healing machine. She is often accompanied by Rubeus, and the two of them often work together to help out Pokémon with ailments that a healing machine won't fix.

Swimming Pool Window: The long window to the left of the clock offers a beautiful view into the swimming pool from the floor above. Visitors to the Pokémon Center can look through this to see some of Keith's Pokémon swimming around, like an aquarium. It also allows anyone swimming in the pool a look into the Pokémon Center if they dive down to the bottom of the pool.

The floor you enter the house portion of the Secret Base on, the second floor is generally where guests are invited to hang out. It's where Keith spends the majority of his day (provided that day is not otherwise occupied by adventuring or running errands, anyway).

Entrance Hall: A narrow yet long corridor running from the front of the base all the way to the back. At one end is the staircase leading down to the Pokémon Center, and at the other end, the stairs leading to the third floor, and of course the elevator. In this hall are the doors leading to all the rooms on the second floor. It also contains several closets and the downstairs bathroom, the doors for all of which are concealed by the foliage on the walls.

Living Room: The first door on your right, the living room contains a few seats, a large table, and an aquarium for all but the largest of aquatic Pokémon to enjoy a relaxing swim in. Keith frequently allows his Blue-Striped Basculin, Stunfisk, Qwilfish, Tympole, and Shiny Mareanie to swim around in here, so if your Pokémon is up to taking a dip, odds are they'll encounter at least one of them. Mounted on the wall above the coffee table is a TV, which also doubles as a videophone, as do all the television sets in the Base.

Indoor Pool: The first door on your left, this room contains Keith's large indoor swimming pool. It cost him a bundle, but his Pokémon enjoy it so much that it was worth it as far as he's concerned. It was constructed partly as something for guests to use if they so felt inclined, and partly to accommodate aquatic Pokémon that the aquarium cannot, such as Keith's Blastoise, Feraligatr, Dragalge, Starmie, and Tentacruel, and to a lesser extent, his Shiny Slowbro (he was fine in the aquarium as a Slowpoke, but now that there's a large spiral Shellder thrown into the mix, he takes up a lot more room now). Indeed, the pool is spacious enough to easily contain any aquatic Pokémon not named Wailord. Well, OK, it might be a tight fit for Kyogre as well, but it's not like that's likely to become much of an issue, now is it? The pool is much deeper than it used to be, and diving to the deepest part will allow you to see into the downstairs Pokémon Center.

Kitchen: Second door on the left, the kitchen is where all the food is prepared. Though there is a distinctive lack of stove, oven, toaster, or any other cooking implements, this has not hindered Keith yet- Hermione, his Weedle, as it happens, is an extremely adept cook, and uses her Firestream attack to prepare food. Granted, she does require assistance to suspend the food in midair while she cooks it, but that's where Cotton, Keith's Swirlix, comes in, with his knowledge of the Psychic attack, and his own considerable cooking skills. And if you follow your nose upon entering at the right time, you just might be able to bear witness to Hermione and Cotton's cooking skills firsthand.

Dining Room: Second door on the right, this room consists of a long table and numerous chairs. Keith doesn't eat in this room very often unless he has company, usually preferring to take his meals in the living room- however, when he has guests, this is where the meals are served- and even then, not always.

Originally consisting of a single bedroom, the third floor has recently been expanded to be more hospitable to guests. It can be accessed either by the stairs or the elevator.

Hermione's Library: Once you get to the top of the stairs or get off the elevator, you're only a few steps away from the library. Numerous bookcases make up the back wall. The library contains mostly notebooks full of notes taken by Keith's Weedle on various subjects, but also includes other books. Either way, perusing the bookshelves can be an educational experience. If she's not cooking, Hermione can generally be found in here, reading. That said, Keith has also been known to come in here to read every so often. Chuck, Keith's Gengar, has also been known to, ahem, haunt this place on occasion...

Keith's Bedroom: A bit of a step down in terms of size, Keith's bedroom mostly consists of his bed, a TV, and a clock (the closet's in there as well, but the door is hidden). He still has the double bed, despite his girlfriend having no memory of their relationship- he considers the idea of switching it out for a single bed to be an admission that all hope is lost for Coselle regaining her memory somehow, and in that regard, he will absolutely never lose hope.

Battle Room: This room has been set up with an elevated platform for the specific purpose of holding Pokémon battles. Trainers stand at either end, and the spacious platform is where the battles unfold. Seats have been provided in the room for the convenience of any spectators. This room generally only sees use when Keith has guests, but it is also where he and Meowth will train his Pokémon on rainy days (and thus days when training outside is not an option).

This underground floor, Keith doesn't even know it exists. It's only accessible through the elevator by pressing a well-hidden button, which makes it descend directly through the tree trunk and deep underground. The room was funded, built, and furnished entirely by a certain Pokémon of Keith's, and woe betide anyone unfortunate enough to get caught by him in this room...

Stewie's Lair: The room where Stewie the Shadow Ledian plots his world domination. Through the numerous screens on the wall, he can see into any room in the Base where there is a TV without anyone being any the wiser, as well as anywhere else he has cameras set up, though nobody is quite sure as to where he might have other cameras set up. If he presses a button on a remote control he has, he can also pick up sound from any room he wishes. As for the satellite dish and the PC, their purposes are unclear, but it's doubtful that Stewie got them to get more TV channels and play Solitaire, you know? To make the room seem even more ominous, Stewie has an arsenal of sharp weaponry hung lovingly on one wall, and a skull just sitting in the center of the room. The skull appears to be the only aspect of the room that is purely decorative, but with Stewie, you never know...

This is Keith's Secret Base. Have fun!

Base is CLOSED! To RP in my current Secret Base, please go here.

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