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Jessica crossed her fingers and toes, despite the difficulty presented by her thick boots. When Weezing delivered the victory verdict for their side, she released and nearly wept with joy. In fact had it not been for the ref's warning she would've run straight out into the noxious water to give Gumpy a great big hug. Realizing the rain was now gone, she settled for gladly tossing aside the death trap instead and giving her pal a thumbs-up, ignoring the holes on her gray sweater. (She was due for a change anyway.)

Gumpy grinned and shuffled proudly back to Jess, holding his arms out for his precious prize. She withheld however, wrinkling her nose at the smell. Though she still would've liked to embrace him, he definitely needed a bath first. He pointed at the detective clothes she was carrying though, and she rolled her eyes as she realized his meaning, shaking her head. No, he couldn't have those back yet either. Not until he was clean, anyway.

Calling over to Keith and Qwilfish, she congratulated them on a battle well-fought. They'd be ready for a rematch anytime.

Originally Posted by Arc_Angel View Post
Congratulations to lilbluecorsola and Gumpy. This battle was so back and forth and you had some good luck but a great strategy at the end. It was about time too, you had a victory just around the corner and this was it ^-^
For his victory Gumpy receives this . He also receives two levels.
Picking up 1x Expert Trainer Battle Trophy and +2 Levels for Swalot (raises him from Lv. 78 to 80). Thanks for reffing us, Stace! And great battle, MM!
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