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Originally Posted by enchantress View Post

Pokémon Available to Adopt:
Duskull (F) Lv.1
The trainer entered the centre, and as they looked around the centre, a small red eye looked back at them longingly, the Duskull having been cooped in the adoption centre for too long, having suffered the pranks of that unspeakable electric potato, having her fellow spectres adopted instead of her, and now, maybe, just maybe, it was her time to have a home once more.

Her gaze fell from one of elation to one of crushing despair, unfortunately, as the last pokemon in the tank, a Goldeen who had enjoyment in conversing with the fighting pokemon through his wall, was fished from the waters, cheer plastered across his face as the trainer paid the candies for him and left, the lights in the centre flickering off as the receptionist decided to call it an early night, leaving but one crimson light on in the gloom, the click of the door's shutter preluding a tiny sniffle before a faint song haunted through the darkness.

"Red moon, ree-e-e-ed moo-oon...
cleanses the siiiiinful and makes them anew...
Shiiiining briiiightly iiiiin the niiiiight sky...
waiiiiitiiiing for the"

The song gave way to quiet sobs as she buried her face into her little paddle arms, the winter chill growing as a dour wind howled outside, followed by the sounds of...squawking?

"-that would mean you got stuffed?"


"Nah, the Cawfaddah's Zangoose was cooked!"



Above the adoption centre, a group of small black avian pokemon alongside a larger blue one roosted on the roof of the establishment, the Honchkrow's gaze immediately putting a muffler on his flock as the Big Boss gave his retort.

"Level difference aside, it was to be expected of a snake to use such...despicable tactics to once more undermine the name of our kin. Was it a Murkrow to whom the Mew was tempted by to take a bite of the Colbur of Eden in His Garden? No. Was it the works of the Summoner of the Night that brought about the White Cancer that wiped out the indigenous pokemon of Ancient Talas? Of course not, that was the work of a rabid Arbok! And was it the Black Wing who was responsible for the assassination of President Stone back in Seventy Six?"

"It was, though."

"But which pokemon was the vemon extracted from? A. LOATHEFUL. SEVIPER! Krownies, I tell you, these snakes are out to bring a hatred against us when we have done no such wrongdoings, yet our names are tagged as bringers of misfortune! I needed away from that bar, it stank of snake, and that blasted Arbok has only confirmed that it is not just Seviper who are scheming, backstabbing mothaf-"

"So you sayin' that she hadda crush on yer, Cawfaddah?"


The Honchkrow rolled his eyes as he listened to the incessant squawking, but amidst the racket picked up the faintest hint of crying.

"Krownies, take flight before I ruffle your feathers," he screeched, a firestream already prepared as the Murkrow flock gave flight, continuing to launch occasional wisecracks at Fragarath's predicament as the crow let loose several fiery bubbles towards them, smirking as they popped and one bird plummeted to the ground below, tail feathers smouldering. Watching the dark cloud disperse as white began to flitter down gently, he trotted to a grate and gave it a gentle tug with a wing, pulling it off before entering the vent.

Below, she continued to cry, wondering if this was how her life would continue, before a thump caught her attention, moreso than the curse uttered by the dark shadow that appeared. Quivering at the two crimson spots looking her way, she covered her eye fearfully as the shadow approached, just before a warm blanket of some form covered her shivering back.

"Why the long face, little one?"

Slowly taking her arms from her face, the Duskull peeked tearfully at the eyes and bill of a large bird, who seemed to be shaken, not from the cold, but from some external event, but the eyes, as cold as they seemed, also appeared to be eyes willing to comfort and listen.

"I believe you are crying because you are cold, perhaps? Or sleepy? No...I can sense you're alone here, near that time of year..." he crooned, patting her gently as she floated closer to this dark stranger. "Nomon should be alone at christmas, not here, not anywhere...can you sing?"


"When the heck did it get so cold?"

The opening of the door followed the entrance of the receptionist, clad in thicker clothing than a Tangrowth's vines, before plopping herself onto the seat as she waited for yet another easy day, opening the computer to some less than savoury images of young men in questionable positions. Her eyes casually drifting while waiting for the computer to load, she darted onto her feet almost instantaneously on realising she wasn't alone.

"How'd you get in here? I'm not accessing yaoi, what a silly thought!"

The flutter of wings paused as Fragarath cocked his head in puzzlement before shrugging, and with a quick flourish procured three rare candies from under his wing mysteriously before beckoning to the lone ghost pokemon sleeping soundly.

"My trainer wishes to adopt this Duskull, giving her a home for the festive season. You will allow this, correct?"

Turning to the computer, she accessed the files on the ghost and looked at the crow expectantly, who then pulled a ghost ball from under his hat, confirming that the trainer did indeed intend on keeping her.

"Why isn't your trainer here?"

"The bar."

"I see. Well, the paperwork's signed, so all we need is for confirmation she'd like to come along."

With but a gentle caw, the Duskull awoke before sluggishly hovering to the bird and human before giving an equally gentle cuddle to the crow, who tapped her with the phantasmic orb, giving but a slight tremble before pinging.

"She would."

With a smile, the receptionist returned to her seat as the crow opened the empty centre's doors, just as the Honchkrow tilted his hat and gave a rather loud leaving message, in such a way that it was audible to her and broadcast outside for several blocks.

"By the way, Kingdom Hearts shipping? You sicken me, human. At least ship that Autassassinophilia I keep hearing about, rather than nobody cross nobody."

The door closed to the sounds of a horrified gasp and Chingle Bells on the radio outside.
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