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Pisces, Sirius, Luna, Chione, Vanth: "That was strange, though," Luna remarked. "I've never foreseen anything before. Maybe it only happens for me when friends are in danger, I don't know..."

Chione, however, did not seem to take very kindly to Pisces's battle challenge, and in fact demanded that Pisces show her respect. The Basculin actually laughed at this idea, though her laughter was cut short as something hit her with Shadow Sneak. Sirius's first instinct was that Myrtle had something to do with this- ever since that Shuppet learned Shadow Sneak, and thus became capable of manipulating her shadow, she never stopped abusing the move to do anything and everything she could with it. However, the source of the move quickly turned out to be a Spiritomb, who appeared to react to Pisces in various ways, several times over. Nobody said anything until after the Ghost/Dark-type had fled.

Pisces just sat there, staring after the Spiritomb, looking weirded out. "...What the fuck was that?!" she exclaimed. Shaking off the decidedly strange Spiritomb, she turned back to face Chione. "Now back to the matter at hand, you actually think you deserve my respect? HAH! It's gonna take a lot more than that pitiful Leer of yours and a few claims of being a good luck charm to get my respect. And I'm warning you- there are two kinds of living beings in this world; those who have earned my respect, and those I haven't eaten yet. So which is it gonna be? You want my respect, earn it."

"I don't see why she should have to earn your respect," Luna stated. "Why not try and make some friends?"

"I make friends with those I like and admire," snapped Pisces. "And so far, neither of those apply to this snow cone here. Seems to me she'd rather try and talk everyone into not fighting than fight and show how weak she is!"

"Now that's not very nice," frowned Luna.

"You know what? Why am I even wasting my breath on this?" Pisces asked. She jumped into the air with her powerful fins, and raised her right fin, ready to unleash Cut. Luna, however, was more than ready to intervene, Flying right into the Basculin and knocking her down to the floor.

"She obviously does not want to battle you," Luna said, her voice still remarkably calm, though an obvious and pronounced frown on her face. "Please go away now. Please stop bothering my friends." Pisces was not in the mood to listen, however, and jumped in the air once again, this time aiming her Cut right at Luna. "Please don't say I didn't warn you," said Luna as her entire body started to glow. Forced to shut her eyes, lest she be blinded by the brilliant light, Pisces fell to the floor, her attack having missed completely. A passing Duskull noticed what was happening, gasped audibly, and sped out the bar door.

Keith, Coselle, Malfoy, Meowth, Millicent/Willow, Hedwig, Peeves: As Coselle exited the bar and handed a drink to Keith, the Poison-type trainer examined it slightly warily- it looked like raw sewage, undoubtedly where it got its name from. Keith accepted it nonetheless, however, grinning at the sight of Coselle's eerie yet flirtatious grin. It was then that she noticed Millicent, who was currently following Meowth into the bar, and remarked on the Timburr's log.

"Yeah, that's Millicent," Keith stated. "My newest Pokemon." It was at this point that Keith took a sip of his drink, and found that it tasted much better than it looked. He then continued, "And according to Meowth, her log, it's got a name, too- Willow. Meowth is pretty sure that Millicent just started treating her log like a living being to cope with the loneliness in the Adoption Center, but I... I'm not so sure. Don't know what it is, I just got a feeling..." Shrugging, Keith took another sip- this was pretty good!

Just then, a Duskull came bursting out of the bar's door. "Keith! Coselle!" he exclaimed.

"Peeves, what-" Keith began as his Duskull zoomed right up to him.

"Come quick, you need see this!" Peeves exclaimed excitedly. "Luna evolving!"

"Seriously?!" Keith exclaimed as he peered through a nearby window, immediately spotting the glowing mass that was changing shape. "Whoa!"

Pisces, Sirius, Luna, Chione (continued): Back inside the bar, the glowing finally subsided, and Luna had definitely changed. Her furry body now sported a blue head, on which Luna's eyes were now fully visible, and there were now two fangs in her mouth. Atop her head sat a single ear that looked as though it were two ears placed very close together. Her wings were larger and longer, a pair of small black feet could be seen on her bottom, and she now sported a strange pink tail that split into two at about the halfway point. Luna had evolved into a Swoobat.

"I see what Malfoy was saying," Luna smiled as she looked down at her new form, flapping her larger wings experimentally. "Evolution feels good."

"Wow," Sirius remarked. "Congratulations, Luna!"

Pisces was looking distinctly surprised at this new development, to say the least. "Huh," she finally said. "OK, I gotta admit, that was pretty cool right there. Evolving for your friend like that, I can't help but respect that. I guess I can leave your friend alone. For now, anyway," she scowled. "Oh, and, uh, good job on evolving and all that," she added as she pulled herself away from the scene with her fins.

"Come on, Sirius, Chione," the newly evolved Swoobat said to the Mightyena and Snorunt. "Let's go show Keith that I evolved."

"Fine by me," Sirius replied. "What about you, Chione?" he asked the Snorunt.

Meowth, Millicent/Willow, Myrtle: In another part of the bar, Meowth was walking, with Millicent, his newest teammate, in tow. They then approached a Shuppet- Myrtle, who was watching Helena and Michael from afar.

"Hey, Myrtle," Meowth said.

"What?" Myrtle said bitterly as she turned to face Meowth. It was then that she noticed Millicent. "Ah. And who are your friends?"

"Huh?" Meowth said. "Er, anyways, dis is Millicent."

"Hey, you forgot to introduce Willow," frowned Millicent, gesturing to her log.

"You and dat log," Meowth groaned.

"It is nice to meet you both," Myrtle said to Millicent.

"Seriously?" Meowth said. "Youse is seriously fallin' fer dis?"

"Fal-ling for what?" asked Myrtle.

"Dis... dis... dis whole ting wit Millicent tinkin' her log can talk and stuff!" Meowth exclaimed.

"You mean you can-not hear it?" Myrtle asked. "Be-cause right now, Wil-low is say-ing some ra-ther un-kind things a-bout you."

"Yeah, I bet she is," grumbled Meowth.

"She is, actually," said Millicent. "I'm glad there's somebody sane on this team! Nice to meet you, Myrtle, and Willow says-"

"That whi-le she is not dis-pleased to meet me, she would pre-fer to not have to talk to me just yet," interrupted Myrtle.

"You really can hear her!" grinned Millicent. "Heh, that's cool! Nobody I met in the Adoption Center could hear her..."

"I give up," sighed Meowth as he wandered off, leaving Myrtle and Millicent to talk.

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