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Originally Posted by Tyoyo3131 View Post
Trading a Level 1 Female Timburr to Missingno. Master for his three candies.

Trade Initiated
Trading three Rare Candies for 1 female lv. 1 Timburr.

As the Poke Ball came out on Keith's end of the trade machine, the trainer opened it up, unleashing the small Fighting-type into the open. The Timburr looked up at Keith, as if she was unsure as to what was going on.

"Hi," Keith said to the Timburr. "I'm Keith, I'm your new trainer."

The Timburr's look of confusion remained for about a second before turning to one of dawning comprehension. Gripping a large wooden log with one arm, she saluted Keith with the other and exclaimed, "Timburr tim Timburr!" She then gestured to the log she was holding and continued speaking. Meowth pulled a skeptical expression and turned to Keith.

"Dat Timburr just introduced us to dat log she's holdin'," Meowth whispered. "Says da log's name is Willow."

"...O...K..." Keith said. "Well, anyway, welcome to the team, Millicent," he said as he returned the Timburr to her Poke Ball.

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