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Originally Posted by enchantress View Post
Pokémon Available to Adopt:
Goldeen (F) Lv.1
Blaze walked into the Adoption Center again after coming in a month ago and adopting an Alomomola that was on the verge of being released. Blaze hated to see abandoned Pokemon. Hated it. The reason why he hated it is because when he was on Mt. Moon as a kid, he fell down the mountain and broke his leg. A Geodude, now Marche, felt bad for him, and instead of leaving him on the mountainside, he came and protected him from a hostile Arbok before his brother came and saved him.

Blaze looked at the Adoption Center list, and felt a tear come to his eye when he saw that there was a Goldeen on the verge of being released. "Why would anyone not want a Goldeen? They are so beautiful and majestic in the water. They are just gorgeous Pokemon." Blaze looked in the pond of the AC, where he had met his Alomomola, and saw two Goldeen swim up to the surface. An attendant came by, and asked Blaze, "Would you like the adopt one of our Goldeen sir?" Blaze looked at the attendant, and asked, "Which one of these is the one that is going to be released?" The attendant looked at the Goldeen, and pointed to the more saddened and dejected one. "That one. She was such a bright and cheery fellow when she came in here." "Don't worry. If anyone can cheer him up, it will be me." The Goldeen heard this, and a smile came to her face, and she flipped in the pool with happiness. "I told you so."

Blaze walked up to the counter of the AC, where the Goldeen was getting a health check up to make sure that when it went on Blaze's team, it would be in good health. Blaze handed over three candies to the clerk, and a Pokeball in which to put the Goldeen into. When the Goldeen was all prepared for, Blaze took the Pokeball and opened it up, the Goldeen going inside.

"Welcome to the team, Daisy!"


Putting him in Pokeball 2 of 5. Last Pokeball used here.

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