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Originally Posted by Rakurai View Post
Trading this female Nosepass to BlazeVA for two candies and 3,000 coins.
Blaze walked into the Cable Club, holding two candies and a parcel full of coins. He was anxiously looking around for his next teammate, and saw a receptionist look at him.

"Are you Blaze?"

"Yes, I am. I was supposed to be waiting for a certain Rakurai."

"He is here, ready to trade you your Nosepass. Do you have your payment ready?"

"Yes, I do."

"Then step up and begin the trade."

Blaze walked up to the trade machine, and punched in his form of payment. A blinker came up, and a tray opened in front of Blaze. He put in his candies, and coins, and the tray closed on him. Blaze waited for a second before "TRANSACTION ACCEPTED!" came up on the screen, and Blaze saw the Nosepass coming across the monitor. He bit his lip in excitement, and saw the Pokeball materialize in front of him. Blaze picked up his Pokeball, and opened, releasing a Nosepass, who looked quite confident in herself. "Hello? Who are you? Are you my new trainer?" "Yep, I am. It is nice to meet you.....?" "Ritz. Ritz Malheur." "It is nice to meet you Ritz. Come on, I have some friends who would like to see you."

Trading two candies and 3,000 coins for Rakurai's female Nosepass.


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