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Originally Posted by dosuser View Post
Trading a Lv. 1 Male Turtwig to Gemini Spark for a Vampire Ball and Shiny Stone.
And I hereby trade my Vampire Ball and Shiny Stone for Dosuser's Lv. 1 Male Turtwig!



All right, what's up little dude? *looks Turtwig up with Dexelle*

Turtwig, the Tiny Leaf Pokemon. Its shell is made of hardened soil that feels moist to the touch if healthy. As it drinks more water, the shell becomes harder, but if thirsty the leaf on its head wilts. As a result, Turtwig are usually found near lakes with a good source of sunlight to facilitate photosynthesis in their bodies.

Ah, so you're just like a plant, huh? Here, maybe you'll like this apple!

Turtwig: *bites down on hand and apple*


Turtwig: *lets go*

*hand still throbs*

A little... too eager there...

Turtwig: *runs over to a coconut to bite on it until it breaks, then drinks the coconut milk inside*

Oh, so you like... hard fruits, huh?

Turtwig: *walks back and nuzzles hand apologetically*

Aw, I forgive you! Just be careful what you bite down on from now on! OK, I think we're ready to go! Welcome to the team... Toby!

*Trade Closed*
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