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Originally Posted by PikaGod View Post
Trading Lv 1 Female Purrloin to GS for 1 candy.

*Trade Commenced*
And I hereby trade 1 Rare Candy for PikaGod's Lv. 1 Female Purrloin.



Aw, hello there, cutie! *checks Pokedex*

Purrloin, the Devious Pokemon. They act adorably in order to deceive someone and steal something from them, whether they actually want it or just want some attention. Even when they are caught, they can use their cuteness to gain forgiveness from their victims. If they need to defend themselves, however, they use their sharp claws to ward off their opponents.

Oh, huh... Guess I better keep an eye on you then, huh? You'd probably be good friends with Leila, huh? Or... maybe not! ^_^' Anyway, welcome to our club... Selina!

...Now where could I have put my hat?

Selina: *snickers as she hides my hat behind her back*

Achievement Unlocked: Seeing More (Have at least 50 Pokemon registered as "Seen" in your Pokedex)

*Trade Closed*

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