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Levin's Journal

We've been travelling throughout Fizzy Bubbles for a while now. At first, it was only me and my Minccino... How far we've come. It's been an unbelievable journey, and even knowing that I will remember it forever, I've decided to write these adventures down just the same - all the mistakes I've made, so that I'll never make them again, and all the blissful memories, so that they'll keep me company long after I settle down.


Glacier Island: I arrived at Crystal City, eager to start my first adventure. Back then, it was only me and Min...


Cloud Garden: Having set out to look for the legendary Rainbow Road by Min's request, I somehow got lost in the nearby Cloud Forest; after battling and capturing my very first wild Pokémon, a female Seedot, I was awoken by a Growlithe in the middle of the night who led me to its Trainer, a boy named Christian. He'd fallen into a trap hole set by a gang of poachers, who stole the boy's belongings. I gave chase to their Pokémon, the three elemental monkeys, and engaged them with my Gible and Minccino, failing to win the battle against Panpour, but succeeding in scaring them off and retrieving the boy's bag - however, his Pokeballs were still missing. After managing to bring him out of the hole, we tried to follow the thieves with his Growlithe's Odor Sleuth, but moved slowly since Christian's ankle was broken. Somewhere along the way we found a lone farmhouse and decided to ask the people inside - a man and an old lady - for help. As the lady tended to Chris, I spotted their Mareep corral under attack by two Mightyena and rushed to help with my Heracross, Buster, who insisted on taking them on alone.

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Whale Island: This was my third adventure already, and it started out peacefully at Pielie Harbour... until I found myself impersonating a Public Order League Trainer to deal with a mysterious Grimer outbreak in an ice-cream storage room!

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Astoria: I was no longer inexperienced in the world of Pokemon, so I decided to explore the well-known Magus Falls, walking the forest trail in anticipation of whatever fate may bring.


Phantom Isle: I was very reluctant about exploring Phantom Isle. Not because I don't believe in the supernatural, like I always tell everyone... but because I am uncomfortable with what I don't understand. Still, as a fear to overcome, I forced myself to brave the dark land, repeatedly telling myself that making it out alive would be one of my biggest claims to fame. After checking into the Hotel, I met a very peculiar pair... a beautiful young woman named Calandra, whose singing voice was fatal to any living person who listened for too long, and a ghostly gentleman, who was preparing her for a Talent Show that would take place later in the night. Enthralled by Calandra's beauty, and encouraged by my brave Elekid Crix, I offered to help out with the preparations and serve as butler for the customers during the show. After being introduced to the manager, a male Mismagius named Ruby, and surviving his onslaught of questions with satisfactory answers, I was tasked with serving a group of eccentric Jellicent with the help of a long-dead butler who showed me the ropes. Bearing in mind the constant threat of a swift death should I so much as slightly upset the Ghost-Types, I maneuvered my way through their demands and riddles as best I could, until I was tasked with fetching their beverages from the kitchen, where I met an obese man destined to serve as the Jellicent's dinner. Only by Crix's insistence did I even try to save the man, in a plan that backfired and lead to a confrontation with the hungry Jellicent. However, we were not alone, as Crix had still managed to release the man earlier and he joined the fight, while urging us to rescue Calandra who might turn out to be in grave danger! Calandra's uncle joined the battle with his Exploud, and Crix finally evolved into Electabuzz while struggling to keep the Jellicent down...

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Cortoza: By the time I decided to explore Cortoza, I was already confident enough in my abilities both as a Trainer and explorer. The harsh, dangerous conditions of the Volcanic Island were the perfect place to get stronger... I made my way to the very Peak of Mt. Infernus, the second largest mountain in Cortoza, where the forest had remained largely untouched by humans over the centuries. After an argument with Min, she decided to prove her strength by luring the local Pokémon with my White Flute, but seemingly nothing happened... until the following morning, when I found out she'd be kidnapped while I slept, with nothing but a bone in her place to mark the crime! I will admit I panicked for once, and recruited my Pokémon to help me look for Min...
As Opal, Dolce and myself searched the forest for any trace of Min, we realized that the center of the forest had been turned into a huge crater! As we came to grips with what'd happened, Dolce was attacked by a Skarmory that came out of nowhere. With my battle choices severely limited at the time, I had to resort to Hebi, who miraculously obeyed and blasted the metal bird away. We proceeded with Opal's guidance, and I began to piece things together - the massive Draco Meteor and Crunch attacks that had ravaged the mountain peak could only have been caused by one of two species of Pokemon: Hydreigon or Salamence. As I tried to narrow it down further, we bumped straight into a ferocious Magmortar!
Magnus emerged from his Pokeball to take on the beast himself, and while severely outmatched, the thrill of fire and battle alone triggered his evolution!

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] CANCELLED

SPECIAL CAMPAIGN - "The Lost City of Alph - Find the Unown!" This was my very first Campaign; it came at a period in which my self-confidence was at an all-time high, and being given the opportunity to join the expedition to capture the rare Unown further reassured me that my work wasn't going unnoticed. All of the participants were asked to enter a mysterious ruin uncovered by a recent string of violent sandstorms, and capture as many Unown as we could to stop the psychic anomalies in the area. Shortly after entering the ancient city, accompanied by my Beldum, I ran into one of the creatures - a Unown I. I tried to reason with it and convince it to join us willingly...

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Arcane Realm: Even after a whole year of adventuring, the overseers of Fizzytopia insisted that I completed a traditional journey originally meant for newcomers, as an oversight in the Trainer Registration process had allowed me to prematurely venture out into the world without formal preparation. While I scoffed at the idea of such a late introduction, I decided to play along, expecting an easy trip. I brought along my most difficult Pokemon in hopes of bonding with them, but what followed was anything but simple.
I found myself trapped in a lucid dream I had very little control of, and was lead to wander the imaginary rules of Mediville while bumping into several familiar faces... until a complete stranger asked for my help tracking down a Ralts, a young boy looking to capture the elusive Psychic-Type and add it to his family's ranch.
The feisty Psychic-Type proved to be a hassle to pin down indeed, Teleporting away at the slightest provocation; however, as it fled, it deliberately seemed to be luring us toward an old apothecary for some reason... I tasked Spike the Mankey with looking after Raz and cautiously tried to enter the abandoned-looking building...

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