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Originally Posted by lilbluecorsola View Post
Trading Lv. 1 Rotom (Genderless) (5 of 6) to Kindrindra for 2x Rare Candies, 1x TM THUNDERBOLT, 1x TM ICE BEAM, 1x TM FLAMETHROWER, 1x Thunder Stone, & 1x Yellow Poffin (+20 TP).

*Trade Commenced*
Kin's eyes widened in anticipation as his turn arrived. The deal had been a hefty one... but one he knew he wouldn't regret.

Thunderstone [x]

2x Rare Candies[x]:
Spoiler: show
x1 [x]
x1 [x]

TM Thunderbolt [x]
TM Ice Beam [x]
TM Flamethrower [x]

+20 Yellow Poffin [x] ~ Tess Edit: Used on 30/12/2012.

for Lv1 Rotom (Genderless)

(Trade Closed)

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