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Originally Posted by lilbluecorsola View Post
Trading Lv. 1 Rotom (Genderless) (3 of 6) to pengyzu for 6x Rare Candies, 1x Thunder Ball, & 1x Mightyena Plushie.

*Trade Commenced*
"I have no idea as to why you'd want to give such an expensive Pokemon to a ragamuffin like me... For that, I owe you my gratitude, miss Yuki! I'll repay you some day, probably not in wealth though... but I'll try! I'll be confirming the trade between me and Yuki.

x1 Mightyena Plushie
x1 Thunder Ball
x6 Rare Candies

for Lv. 1 Rotom (Genderless)

*Trade Closed*
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