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People sometimes wonder what an expert on non-biological Pokémon is doing with research on spirituality. People can be interested in more than one subject but both of my interests are related. Aura is something that lives within all living things. But then how does one explain the presence of Aura in non-biological Pokémon? This is a very interesting question which I plan on finding out. But first, some information.

What is Aura?

Aura is a type of energy that exists in all living things. It is invisible to the majority of people, Aura Guardians and Pokémon like Lucario and some psychic types being the exceptions. Aura is a mysterious force that can be shaped to be used for attacks such as Aura Sphere and Hidden Power or manipulated by psychic types for telekinesis and the like. While being mainly invisible, most people can sense it without realizing it. That feeling of you being watched is your Aura interacting with the Aura of the person focusing on you. There are many examples of mediums and psychics using Aura to detect things. Everyone has their own unique Aura and over time that Aura may change.

What does Aura look like?

I have only heard from second hand accounts, but most sources describe it as fire that surrounds every living thing and this fire reaches out and interacts with other Auras. What is interesting is that everyone’s Aura is a different colour, depending on how they follow the three spiritual aspects.

Three Spiritual Aspects?

Any Sinnohist can name them off by heart. They are the three things the Legendary Trio Uxie, Azelf and Mesprit represent. Namely, knowledge, willpower and emotion respectively. Depending on what proportions someone follows each aspect, their colour changes.

For example?

Each aspect is represented by a color, knowledge is yellow, willpower is blue and emotion is pink. Someone who dominantly focuses on only one of these aspects will have and Aura that matches it. The colours blend together to create a colour that represents them. A green spirit represents someone who follows both knowledge and willpower whereas someone who is about equal in all three will have more of a brown colour.

Also the brightness and size of the Aura correspond to how well connected they are with their spirit. Cliché ‘evil people’ have darker Auras than so call ‘good guys’. So there are two factors that determine the colour of your aura, which aspects you follow as well as your connectedness to your Aura.

You said Auras can change. How does that work?

From what I have researched, everything is born grey in spirit. Grey is the colour of neutrality and innocence. It’s only after they grow and become their own person that they get their own colour. Sometimes an Aura changes slightly over time, but after a life changing event it may experience a sudden jump in colour. There have also been cases of sparks of colour flaring through an Aura. These can be referred to as sparks of inspiration, rage, excitement or some other feeling like that depending on the colour. These sparks are temporary, but give a boost to the Aura while they last. It is rumored that Uxie, Azelf and Mesprit are able to give these sparks to people, but this is mostly speculation.

Do Pokémon have Aura too?

Of course! All living things do. What is interesting is that people can tell what colour a Pokémon’s Aura is by what type their Hidden Power is. Each type matches with a certain colour. Here’s a rundown of the corresponding types and colours. Mind you, I’m no expert on personality types so some of these may be incorrect.

Normal: Grey
The colour of innocence and neutrality. A rare colour, yet it exists none of the less. It fits with the general innocence of many normal types.
Fire: Orange/Red
The colour of passion and recklessness. Certainly fits with the fire type, though with a touch of intelligence.
Water: Blue
The colour of coolness and steadfastness. An image of an old sea captain braving a storm explains this comparison.
Electric: Yellow
The colour of intelligence and insight. This one is a bit odd, but all thinking is electrical impulses going through the brain.
Grass: Green
The colour of peace and organization. Many people with this Aura make good leaders. The grass type is all about calmly growing.
Ice: Blue/White
The colour of clarity and silence. Ice types usually display and air of disconnection, but that is because they can see what matters.
Fighting: Burgundy
The colour of drive and bravery. Fighting types will plow right through anything in their way and they have their feeling to back them up.
Poison: Purple
The colour of loyalty and slyness. Again, a bit odd, but purple is also associated with royalty. Poison types will always stand next to their trainer.
Ground: Tan
The colour of wisdom and sturdiness. Mainly focused around knowledge, but also knows that other things matter.
Flying: Lavender
The colour of hope and freedom. Just look at a bird flying and tell me that doesn’t represent freedom.
Psychic: Pink
The colour of emotion and impulse. I know people would usually associate this with knowledge, but psychic energy is mainly driven by emotions.
Bug: Green/Yellow
The colour of patience and persistence. Bugs are certainly smart enough to build webs and pursue their target.
Rock: Brown
The colour of blending and balance. A great majority of people are this, having connection with each of the aspects, but not all of them together.
Ghost: Navy Blue
The colour of tricksters and mystery. Ghost types enjoy messing with people and pursue their next victim relentlessly.
Dragon: Cyan
The colour of determination and power. Dragons have always struck at the heart of people by symbolizing strength.
Dark: Black
The colour of darkness and unknown. Actually, dark type Aura isn’t black, its colour is invisible to everything, including psychic types. This is why psychic types can’t affect dark types much.
Steel: Silver
The colour of union and purity. An extremely rare colour and symbolizes an almost pure spirit with an equal mix of aspects and a close connection with them.

Wait a minute! My Pokémon is X and has a Hidden Power of Y!

Every Pokémon has their own personality so each as their own Aura. My own Magnemite has a Hidden Power of grass. The Hidden Power of each Pokémon reflects their personality. A Pokémon that love pulling pranks on people might have a ghost typed Hidden Power. An ancient, wise Pokémon may have a ground typed one. It all depends on the Pokémon. Theoretically, a Pokémon’s Hidden Power might change type if the Pokémon has a drastic change in their Aura, but there aren’t any reports of this happening.

So what use is this information?

It can help you figure out what type of Hidden Power your Pokémon has just by personality. However, if you know the colour of someone’s Aura, it can tell you a lot about that person. You may even learn about yourself if you know your own Aura. Spirit is one of the things in life that we have very little knowledge on. I hope that with this you may learn more about that world in which we live in.

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