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Originally Posted by tau View Post

Sorry guys. <3 you! Hope this makes up for it!

The Forbidden Garden

Gemini Spark

You struggle forward, finding yourself using the pillars as a support, despite not feeling pain or actually needing the assistance holding yourself up. It was the other worldly atmosphere of the place, the sense of isolation, or desperation- these pillars, as cryptic and potentially creepy as they were- were at least a sign of people, or habitation.

...weren't they? It existed, therefore logic dictated that it had been built. But built by who..? And when? And how were they linked to that weird... shadow... thing? You try to not think about it. There are more immediate concerns at hand, like the potential loss of one of your team members. You call her name as you make your way through the hall of pillars, but hear no response. The vastness of the chamber you must be in is evident in the lack of progression you seem to be making- you pass row after row of these same, virtually identical columns, yet never once do you see any indication of reaching a wall, or a corner.

You frown, beginning to wonder if this was some farcical nightmare. Perhaps you'd been knocked on the head by a crumbling piece of that damned chimney stack? Made more sense than any of this.

You stop, kicking empty-mindedly at one of the pillars in a vague sense of futile desperation. As you do so, however, you feel part of the stone recess into itself- and all at once, the room is flooded with blinding white light. At least, the pillars immediately surrounding you are!

When the flashblindness fades, you realize that more and more of the symbols along the pillars had lit up- but only on certain pillars. The lights formed paths, it seemed, leading off to your left, right, and straight ahead of you. The dimly glowing light from the pillars along the route you had taken, had vanished.

You stand in place, taking in this new development.

It's time to make a choice.

What do you do?

"Daphne!" Hyrem continued calling out his Nuzleaf's name, hoping against all hope she would run up to him and accompany him in this lonely trek through an unknown world, but all he had were the mysterious pillars lining the path. He wasn't hurt anywhere, nor did he need the pillars to keep himself up. He simply felt alone, and the eerily-lighted pillars had to be created by someone... right? And why would all of this be hidden inside that shadow? ...No, none of that mattered now. He had to focus. He had to find Daphne!

"Daphneeeee!" Still no response. Hyrem keeps walking along the path and just sees the same pillars lining up the path. Maybe a brick hit his head? That'd be my theory, at least. In any case, this was just a nightmare, and Hyrem was so frustrated he started kicking a pillar, but the kick triggers a light show in which the pillars ahead of him illuminated a three-way fork. The path behind him lost all of its light, signalling that there was no turning back. Hyrem groaned when he saw the three paths; he didn't have time for this, there was too much at stake! But what if he chose the wrong path? ...He knew the answer to that question all too well. He could use one of his other Pokemon to help him out, but right now he was afraid of losing them too, so he would keep them in their Pokeballs unless he really needed them. At this point, he simply had to choose a path and hope it was right, so on he went... straight down the middle path.

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