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Originally Posted by Arc_Angel View Post
Unown Ouija Board

The first brave souls line up before the rather mundane looking flat piece of cardboard, what harm could it seriously do. There was a pointer sat atop it where you could rest your finger and hope to receive a message from the beyond. One by one the Fizzy Bubbles members take their place in line hoping to here something, maybe from their relatives ... or maybe from someone more sinister!

Arc_Angel: You too are excited to see if your creation would speak to you, if the spirits would talk to you. You place your finger on the pointer but after a long wait it appears that they don't want to speak to you after all, better people to speak to.

The Haunted Mirror

The Mirror shimmers to life as the first of its victims ... er I mean brave souls approaches their equally brave Pokemon alongside them. The Mirror can see deep into your soul and will choose either to grace you with a gift or curse you with a trick. If you are to recieve a Treat you will shown a bright glittering star before your gift is given, however, if you are given a Trick the mirror will show a gruesome skull before the trick is revealed ...

Arc_Angel: You had no plans to use the Mirror this year after what happened to your Rotom last year (even if she enjoyed being orange) but your naughty ghosts had convinced Dwemer to look at his reflection. He starers into the Mirror and a Silver Star appears in its surface making you sigh with relief. Dwemer grabs the Yellow ticket and hands you the Super Pass (expires 05/11/12) as you grin happily.

All passes are NON-TRADABLE
If you have an Egg Pass but have not made your first capture you may still use it
Stacey whooped with joy and bent down to embrace her Golett, brave or not he stood up against the horrid Mirror and brought her a prize. Her ghostly trio peeked out from behind the wall with big grins on their faces, this is what they planned all along ...
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