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Originally Posted by Arc_Angel View Post
Unown Ouija Board

The first brave souls line up before the rather mundane looking flat piece of cardboard, what harm could it seriously do. There was a pointer sat atop it where you could rest your finger and hope to receive a message from the beyond. One by one the Fizzy Bubbles members take their place in line hoping to here something, maybe from their relatives ... or maybe from someone more sinister!

lilbluecorsola: It's your turn now and you place your finger on the pointer confidently too hoping for a message of your own. The spirits decide to ignore you this time and you walk off disappointed.

The Haunted Mirror

The Mirror shimmers to life as the first of its victims ... er I mean brave souls approaches their equally brave Pokemon alongside them. The Mirror can see deep into your soul and will choose either to grace you with a gift or curse you with a trick. If you are to recieve a Treat you will shown a bright glittering star before your gift is given, however, if you are given a Trick the mirror will show a gruesome skull before the trick is revealed ...

Lilbluecorsola: Your little Snorunt Kristen has decided that she will look into the Mirror, she seems almost drawn by it. Mesmerised she stares at its reflective surface and you worry that it'll only affect her negatively but as the Silver Star appears in the centre you can see her jump up and down with happiness. She catches the Yellow Ticket and hands you the Super Pass (expires 05/11/12). That was a good experience!
Kristen stared into the Mirror for so long, Jess began to worry something was wrong. It even looked like the Snorunt was whispering something, and her eyes seemed strange... The girl reached out to pull her Pokémon away, but at that moment a silver star brightened before them, and a piece of paper blew from the surface. Kristen captured it happily and handed the pass to her trainer, who sighed in relief as she hugged her brave Snorunt, simply glad nothing horrible had happened to her. Jess decided not to ask what Kristen had seen, or what she was saying. However, as Jess picked up her Pokémon and walked off proudly, Kristen continued to gaze over the girl's shoulder straight at the Mirror. After a moment, she smiled slightly and waved goodbye, as if someone still stood there...

Picking up 1x Super Pass (expires 05/11/12). Thank you!
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