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Originally Posted by Arc_Angel View Post
Unown Ouija Board
Missingno. Master: You chuckle as PikaGod walks away ranting about rude spirits and take a deep breath as you have a go. You place your finger upon the pointer and watch as it begins to move spelling out a message for you:
It appears that they enjoy a good joke too and this Unown E TCG Card appears above the board.

The Haunted Mirror

Missingno. Master: Salazar the fearless Venipede scuttles over to the Mirror ready to risk for you and stares into its surface. The familar Blood-Red Skull appears and the surface turns to black liquid sucking the Venipede inside. You can hear him struggling him inside before he's spat back out looking a little peaky. Actually he looks very grey!!
A gray Venipede.


You know something?

I can live with this.

No, you know something else?

I'm picturing how Salazar will look in the Scolipede stage with this coloration.


Oh, yeah, collecting that Unown card and whatever. Thanks, Arc! I'll be taking my badass Venipede and get to work on evolving him.
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