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Originally Posted by enchantress View Post
Treepandaone: Your male Zigzagoon enthusiastically begins to explore his surroundings *scoops him up and hands him over*
Matthew Brown watched as the egg began to shake, a process he was all-to-familiar with as the Pokémon began to hatch. Preparing himself for whatever came out, Matthew peer over the top as the shell began to crumble, the peak getting smashed first. After a few seconds of waiting, the egg was fully smashed revealing a small brown and white raccoon who immediately began exploring its surroundings.

Matthew's face lit up as he saw the Zigzagoon, its sensitive nose combing the floor as it sniffed out something of interest. Having heard of Zigzagoons before and taking an instant liking to them, Matthew pulled out his Pokédex and scanned it.

Zigzagoon, the TinyRaccoon Pokémon. Zigzagoon is extremely curious and so ends up walking in a zigzag path between things that interest it.

Swinging his backpack round, Matthew opened the zipper and pulled out a Pokeball [15/100], tapping the Pokémon on the head with it before watching the curious Zig-Zag Pokémon disappear into the light. Bringing the Pokéball up to his face, Matthew tilted his head as his newest acquisition, the Raccoon still sniffing the air.

A few moments later, as Matthew turned to leave, a burst of light exploded from his Pokébelt; revealing Zigzagoon. As Matthew knelled down to stroke his new Raccoon he opened his bag once more, fishing inside for a treat. As he did so, however, the Zigzagoon grabbed the skull fossil from deep inside the bag and sprinting out the door.

“Hey. Hey come back” the young trainer shouted as he sped out of the egg house, chasing his Raccoon.
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