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Re: Free For All Zone

Torkoal Stu Heaven Part 2: The Favor

Gabriel shrugged and sighed, but before he could explain, Gretchen wakes up, very happy to see her trainer. After a few happy moments Gabriel interrupts, "I wouldn't have to ask you if I could only be material in your world for one minute a day, but I'm getting off topic. I'm sorry, I'm not the most organized speaker. Well, um, heaven has a bit of a problem. Arceus was defeated by a rebellion of the other, as you know them, legendary pokemon.

"Long story short, his spirit was seperated into the sixteen plates that symbolize his many types. That's where you come in. But don't worry, we have most of them. Thirteen, to be exact. All we need is the Dread Plate, and the Draco Plate. Rayquaza, the leader of the rebellion, has realized my goal to bring back Arceus and has hidden them at sites I cannot enter. That said, I know where they are. They are in the FB, oh, that's your world. The Fabric Between. It connects the sub-dimensions.

"Back to the point, the plates are in the lands known as Aryle, as, for some reason, I cannot reach it. Firstly, the Draco Plate is in the Gemini Sanctuary in the Dragon Sanctuary in the Hellfire Mountains. Be warned, many, if not all, of the Dragon legendaries will be there to protect the plate.

"The Dread Plate is in the Temple of the Reaper. Even I fear what is in in there. Though, at least, you won't be alone. You will have my Dragonite with you."

As Gabriel finishes his monologue, the door opens, causing you to shield your eyes once again. As the door closes, you see a shiny Dragonite taking up the little space left inside the room. The Dragonite is rather cheerful, with an innocent look across his face. He bows and lets out a "Dragonite" as if to say "Good day."

"You don't have to accept, and I'll take you back to where I found you, but Rayquaza will still probably will be after you. But if you accept, my Dragonite is all the help I can give you. My powers can transport you to the site, but Dragonite will have to give you transport to the other."

This is quite a lot of information, though not very well delivered, so what will you do.
Note: I can't believe I left this reply so long D: Sorry ;;

Stu listened intently as Gabriel explained what was going on to some extent, yet in a terrible manner. He looked down at Gretchen who seemed a bit bewildered at the whole thing, Stu smiled and Gretchen smiled in return since he figured it was best for her to act like nothing was wrong. “Erm…right…so you’re trying to tell me that I have to go find these type plates to save heave?” he reiterated hoping it would make a little more sense in his mind that way, but it really didn’t. Stu sighed as he then began to think about Arceus, it was the God of all Pokemon and could be any type it wanted to be if it was merged with the correct plate. He then turned to look right at Gabriel and his Dragonite, at this point looking as nervous as ever as he quickly snapped out his Pokedex to scan the great dragon. The red Pokedex flipped open and revealed the standard screen, as a light then began to flash.

“Dragonite, the Dragon Pokemon. It is the final evolutionary form of Dratini. It is a kindhearted Pokmon that leads lost and foundering ships in a storm to the safety of land. Its intelligence is said to match that of humans. Many of its attacks include Thunder Wave, Twister, Outrage and Hyper Beam.” The Pokedex stated in its mechanical voice. Stu then folded the Pokedex back up and placed it in his pocket. “The final form of Dratini? Wow, Chastity could be one of those one day…” Stu’s voice trailed off in awe after hearing about such a powerful Pokemon. Of course it wasn’t as powerful as the immense legendaries that guarded the plates he heard about but he felt after learning of Dragonite he must agree to help any way he possibly could.

“Alright. Sign me up Gabriel,” Stu answered firmly as he looked Gabriel right in the eye awaiting the next instructions.
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