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Originally Posted by Arnold View Post
Spooky Times and juicy brains are all what today is for so get your brain on with these fantabulous gifties:

From Arnie:
x5 Orange Gummi's
x5 Black Gummi's
x5 Purple Gummi's

x1 Lottery Pass to win 1 of 3 Shadow Pokemon (Thread)

Enjoy your Halloween.
Originally Posted by enchantress View Post

From me you will each receive:-

x1 Super Pass for some Monday treats.
x1 Ghost Ball that increases capture rate of Ghost Pokémon.
x1 Haunter Plushie which, when squeezed by your Pokémon, will vanish, leaving behind 5,000 coins.

Happy trick or treating!
Originally Posted by Arc_Angel View Post

Well its my favourite time of year again where we can all suspend reality and dress up in freaky costumes and collect sweeties from strangers. Well we're all friends here and have I got some sweeties ... errr ... pressies for you. You may choose ONE of the following to take home:

Unown Gift Baskets

1x Unown W Plushie - Teaches Hidden Power of your Choice when hugged (reverts to a normal plushie after use).
1x Were Ball
1x Pumpkin Memory Berry
1x Halloween Candy
3x Fire Gummi’s
1x Unown TCG M
1x Unown TCG O
1x Unown TCG A
1x Unown TCG N

I also have this special event for you:

Unown Ouija Board
Come one and all if you're brave enough and summon the spirits here today. I have a special item made just for Halloween for the lucky girls and guys in Fizzy Bubbles. So if you dare place your finger upon its centre and perhaps it'll spell out a message for you and who knows what may come of it ...
(No tricks here guys!)

and its bbbaaaaacckkk ...

Haunted Mirror

Not every spirit is playful and not every game is innocent, it is Halloween after all and for every treat there is a trick. Dare you and your Pokemon stare into the Haunted Mirror? You may receive a wondrous treat but then again, an evil spirit may be waiting with a horrid Trick
You may choose one Pokemon to stare into the Haunted Mirror where the spirits (RNG) will decide your fate, be it a wonderful Treat or a nasty Trick

**But heed my warning, though all tricks may not be pleasant the consequences for not acknowleding (posting to confirm) them will be far worse**
***I Mean It!!!***
I don't know why I'm doing this considering I'm not in the best mood around FB right now...

Picking up the following bank fodder:
x5 Orange Gummis
x5 Black Gummis
x5 Purple Gummis
x3 Fire Gummis
x1 Unown M card
x1 Unown O card
x1 Unown A card
x1 Unown N card
x1 Were Ball
x1 Ghost Ball

Picking up the following expendables and using as such:
x1 Super Pass
x1 Halloween Candy, which will be used on my level 22 Honchkrow (lost the link to last level ;_;) taking him to level 24.
x1 Haunter Plushie, which will be Crush Gripped for 5000 coins, which is funny because I don't have a Regigigas...Oh, you silly Swampert, that's not how Seismic Toss works.
x1 Unown W Plushie, being hugged by my Aipom to learn Hidden Power (Ice).
x1 Pumpkin Memory Berry, missing from my hand and in the belly of the same Swampert, who seems to have learned AncientPower, Bite, Stomp and Sludge.

I'll be popping a phalange on the Ouija Board.

And it seems my Lunatone is gazing into the Mirror.
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