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Originally Posted by kaisap112 View Post
Trading Lv. 1 male Meowth to Missingno. Master for 2 Candies.

Spoiler: show


Species: Meowth
Level: 1
Type: Normal
Gender: Male
Current Location: Party
Birthday: March 11
Ability: ---
Nature: --- Nature
Obtained: Trade with Itzatrap
Held Item: None
Beauty Points: 0
Contest Stats: 0/0/0/0/0
IQ: 0
Contained In: Pokéball


Current Movepool:

Bite - Lv. 6
Fake Out - Lv. 9
Fury Swipes - Lv. 14
Screech - Lv. 17
Faint Attack - Lv. 22
Taunt - Lv. 25
Pay Day - Lv. 30
Slash - Lv. 33
Nasty Plot - Lv. 38
Assurance - Lv. 41
Captivate - Lv. 46
Night Slash - Lv. 49
Feint - Lv. 54

Evolution Line
;052; -> Lv. 28 -> ;053;

*Trade Confirmed*
Trading 2 candies to kaisap for her male lv. 1 Meowth- wha?

For at that moment, sparks began to fly from the trading machine, quickly followed by a plume of black smoke. Keith began to worry as the machine malfunctioned, concerned for the Meowth within. And then the Poke Ball emerged, smoking slightly, but otherwise OK. Keith gave it a few seconds to cool off before he picked it up and tossed it into the air, wanting to ascertain that his newest teammate was fine. In a flash of light, much to his relief, a perfectly healthy Meowth emerged. He shook his head, then looked around, and then, to general shock, spoke up; "Whoa, what just happened?" The Meowth then blinked, realizing what he had just said- or rather, the dialect in which he said it. The Meowth had spoken in perfect English, in a voice exactly like that talking Meowth on that TV show. "Meowth! Di- did I just talk??" Meowth asked incredulously. He then looked up at Keith. "Hey, so what's the deal here?" Meowth asked him. "I ain't never been able to talk like a human before!"

"Um... Wow..." Keith murmured. "So, uh, Meowth, I'm Keith, your new trainer."

"New trainer, eh?" Meowth said with interest. "Dat sounds good to me. The other one had dis weird Lileep, I just never felt too good there, ya know?"

"Wow..." Keith murmured. "I just... I just can't get over this. You sound just like that Meowth on TV-"

"Hey, you've seen dat show?" Meowth asked. "Dat Meowth is my idol! He's da reason I been trying to talk like a human in da first place!"

"Really?" Keith replied with interest. "I happen to like that Meowth. You know, Meowth, I think you and I will get along just fine. Now, what do you say to a nickname?"

"I say no way," replied Meowth. "If just plain 'Meowth' is good enough for dat Meowth on TV, it's good enough for me." With that, Meowth nimbly climbed up onto Keith's shoulder. Grinning, Keith exited the trade center, conversing with his newest Pokemon.

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