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Originally Posted by takkupanda View Post
Trading Strychnine the Lv.13 female Grimer back to Missingno. Master for a candy.

Species: Grimer
Gender: Female
Name: Strychnine
Level: 13
Spoiler: show
Ability: Unknown
Nature: Unknown
Received: Trade with Missingno. Master
Held Item: None
Birthday: July 8
BP: 0
Contest Stats: 10|10|10|10|10
IQ: 1
Ball: Rocket ball

Level up: Poison Gas, Pound, Harden, Mud-Slap, Disable
MT: Crossfire, Metronome, Pain Split
EM: Shadow Punch, Shadow Sneak, Acid Spray, Mean Look
TM: Thunderbolt
HM: Strength

Take good care of her, mate!
Trading 1 Rare Candy for my old Grimer. Welcome back, Strychnine, I've missed you! Don't worry, takku, she's in good hands.

*Trade closed*
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