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Originally Posted by enchantress View Post
Lucky Draw Results Ticket #24 Marble Zone - Wins 350 coins

Birthday Lottery Results
Ticket #24 MarbleZone - Wins Memory Berry

Roulette Results
MarbleZone (2,000 coins each)
Spin #01: Yellow Azurill (0)
Spin #02: Yellow Togepi (6k)
Spin #03: Violet Wynaut (0)
Spin #04: Violet Azurill (0)
Spin #05: Yellow Pichu (0)
Total Win: 6,000 coins
Picking up 6,350 coins and Memory Berry. Using the Memory Berry to teach my Elekid the Egg Moves Meditate and Cross Chop.

Betting 5,000 coins on 5 roulette spins, 1000 each, all on Red Togepi.

Taking 1,350 coins to the Coin Exchange.

EDIT: Where are my manners? Thank you for putting in the extra effort (again) and hosting this Tess! ^^

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