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Originally Posted by enchantress View Post
Lucky Draw Results
Ticket #04 blazeVA - Wins Memory Berry

Birthday Lottery Results
Ticket #59 blazeVA - Wins 2 candies

Roulette Results
blazeVA (200 coins each)
Spin #01: Blue Azurill (0)
Spin #02: Yellow Togepi (0)
Spin #03: Violet Azurill (1000)
Spin #04: Blue Togepi (0)
Spin #05: Orange Pichu (0)
Total Win: 1,000 coins

Fixed Lucky Draw Members
Ticket #04 blazeVA - 9 draws remaining
Alright, tons of stuff up in here.

Picking up one Memory Berry, 2 candies, and 1,000 coins!

Teaching my Buneary Fire Punch and Circle Throw with the Memory Berry.

The remaining 1,000 coins go into the bank.

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