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Originally Posted by Arnold View Post
It's that time once again, where cake is eaten and oldness creeps up on you, but before that let's celebrate:

From Me:
x1 Gummi Basket including:
x2 Red Gummi's
x2 Mysterious Gummi's
x2 Green Gummi's
x2 Brown Gummi's
x2 White Gummi's

x1 - Fizzy Cola - +2 Levels

A Choice of 1 Cyber Ball:

Originally Posted by Arc_Angel View Post
It's that time of year once again where we celebrate the birth of the best Pokemon RPG on the internet. Arn has been generous and Tess is going to spoil you lot rotten so I have a few little extra gifts to make the day feel that little bit extra special. I hope you all enjoy.

From me, for those who quote this post, shall receive:

1x Chocolate Birthday Cake Slice - Raises a Pokemon 3 Levels when eaten.
1x Coin Case w/10,000 coins
Berry Sack Containing:
1x Cheri Berry
1x Chesto Berry
1x Pecha Berry
1x Rawst Berry
1x Aspear Berry

TM Pack Containing:
1x TM Flamethrower
1x TM Ice Beam
1x TM Thunderbolt.
Originally Posted by enchantress View Post

Today I'll be giving out some special pressies. Each of the presents below contains ten items, one for each year of activity since Fizzy Bubbles' resurrection back in 2002. Everyone is entitled to one of the following presents, so choose wisely. Please don't forget to quote the one you are choosing, along with its contents. Have a wonderful day!

Blue Present
x1 Blue Flute that will awaken a sleeping Pokémon when played.
x1 +20 Blueberry Poffin to use in the PokéSpa.
x1 Water Stone to evolve your Pokémon.
x1 Foamy Seal (A) for your Pokéball capsule.
x1 Blue Gummi to raise your Water Pokémon's IQ by 1.
x1 Luxury Ball for your pampered Pokémon.
x1 Super Pass allowing a few extra goodies for yourself and your Pokémon.
x1 Birthday Candy giving your Pokémon 2 levels when eaten.
x1 Berry Juice giving your Pokémon an intelligence boost, allowing them to learn one Egg or MT move.
x1 Gracidea, a lovely flower to admire in celebration of our 10th birthday.

*blows tooter thingy*

Another day has come and gone, now let's see our goodies...

-Using the cola, cake and birthday candy to take my level 21 Gible to level 28, who then evolves to Gabite and earns some extra SWAG.

-Using the TMs as follows:
Thunderbolt to my Jirachi.
Flamethrower to my Gabite.

Using the Berry Juice on my Hitmontop to learn the Tutor move Drill Run.

Taking the rest of the goodies with me, thanks muchly.
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