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Re: Happy Birthday Zombie Jesus =D

Originally Posted by Arnold
It's that time of the year where chocolate Eggs and rabbits of joy celebrate the birthday of Zombie jesus coming back to life, so in houner of our brain eating lord, I present to you head Protection for your Pokemon, so you'll all be nice and safe =D

For you all today we've got a choice of two bonnets for your Pokes, and here they are:

[strike:3utarbku] - Chick Bonnet, when your Pokemon wears this bonnet they will have the power of Speed, for 5 Seconds your Pokemon will get a burst of Speed, but after those 5 seconds are up your little guy/girl will be just a little tiered for the next round to come, so be careful.[/strike:3utarbku]


- Bunny Bonnet, With this little Bunny bonnet on your Pokemons head they will be able to jump a little bit higher then usual, so get those strategy books out and get making moves, but the downside to this is you can't use them on Flying Pokemon =/

and while we're here I also have this nifty little Super Pass to use =D
Originally Posted by enchantress
The Easter snuck into the FB Soopah Doopah Private Boards in the dead of night, leaving behind a multitude of gift baskets. Since that's just too much choccy for me, I'll hand one out to each member who posts for one.

Each basket contains:
x1 Chocolate Berry: +1 level (Non-Tradeable) Expires March 31
x1 White Chocolate Berry: +2 levels (Non-Tradeable) Expires March 31
x1 Chocolate Egg: +2 levels (Non-Tradeable) Expires March 31
x1 White Chocolate Egg: +3 levels (Non-Tradeable) Expires March 31

I have a feeling there are going to be a lot of hyped up Pokémon sugar rushing through zones. Happy Easter ^-~
Originally Posted by Loki
This Easter, a strange magical egg was found in the Egg House. The egg itself has no baby inside, but whenever it's broken and it's content disappears, it magically restores itself by the end of the each day. As such, it makes a great supply of nutrition when cooked well. It's also fun to throw it into people's faces.

Rainbow Egg
Hold Effect: While held, the user is capable of using the move 'Softboiled' once during the battle.
Fling Effect: Fling becomes a 10 Power attack that lowers the target's accuracy by 2 level. Item is returned after battle.

Enjoy! Happy Easter!
Originally Posted by Wayne
Bunny Wayne here comes with two presents for all of you,

Chocolate Milkshake for your pogeys to learn one EM/MT they have not learned yet and

Silver Egg to beautify your base or cash in for 2,000 shiny, brand new coins

Happy Easter and hope you get lots and lots of chocolates everyone.
x1 Bunny Bonnet
x1 Super Pass
x1 Chocolate Berry
x1 White Chocolate Berry
x1 Chocolate Egg
x1 White Chocolate Egg
x1 Rainbow Egg
x1 Chocolate Milkshake
x1 Silver Egg

Just reading about all this chocolate is making me feel ill. x_x Happy Easter! ^^;
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