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Originally Posted by Arc_Angel View Post
Lucky Draw Results
Ticket #50 Missingno. Master – Wins TM Curse[/color]
Ooh, TM Curse. Not bad- wait a minute. TM Curse? Myrtle, did you-

: I do not know what you are talk-ing a-bout, Meat Sack. What would I know a-bout rig-ging lot-ter-ies?

Myrtle, I didn't say anything about rigging lotteries.

: You did not need to. I can read your small and pu-ny mind like a book. Now give me that T-M.

Myrtle, come on, you're gonna learn Curse anyway-

: I wish to learn Curse now. At the rate you are le-vel-ing me up, I won't learn Curse a-ny-time this de-cade. *uses Psychic to grab TM and activate it*

*...Myrtle learned Curse!*
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