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Originally Posted by tau View Post
The Forbidden Garden

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The Nuzleaf nodded desperately, firing a stream of high-speed projectile seeds at the unusual shadow, as you cling to the rapidly disintegrating chimney stack, praying for some kind of miracle. The seeds strike home, and do produce a reaction- though it dawns on you all too late that it's not the sort you'd been hoping for. The shadow pulses once more, violently this time, sending out a wave of blackness that envelopes you, Daphne, and the cottage ruins before you so much as have a chance to evade it.

Surrounded by a perfect darkness, only now do you have time to collect your thoughts. You can see nothing- no light, no shapes; nothing at all to orient you to the ground. You notice, in fact, that you can not distinguish spatial proximity to any sort of ground at all- you are floating, or perhaps falling. You attempt to call out to your Pokemon companion, but even as your lips move, you realize no sound escapes. The world has become a pitch black nothingness, empty of all save you.

You bite back on the fear that wells in the back of your mind, trying to force away thoughts of the hopelessness of your situation, when the world suddenly and simply pops back into being...

...sort of. You sit up from where you have apparently fallen prone, and glance around. You are laying on smooth, unblemished stone flooring; in all directions are massive pillars, etched in the same odd symbols that had started your little key hunt. The room is massive, and dark, though there is a faint luminescence about some of the pillars giving off just enough light to see- albeit poorly. Daphne is nowhere to be seen, however, you realize as you pull yourself to your feet.

At least it isn't zombies.

What will you do?
As Hyrem continues to hold onto the chimney, he sees Daphne fire her Bullet Seeds at the hole; he hopes as much as Daphne did that the attack would stop the hole.

That was the last he saw of Daphne.

Darkness. Hyrem found himself unable to see anything. No light. No ground. No hand in front of his face. No Daphne. Nothing.

"Daphne!?" he tries to call out for the Nuzleaf as he was floating... falling... whatever he was doing in that darkness... but he realized he couldn't hear the sound of his own voice. He couldn't even hear anything else either. It even seemed like he couldn't talk because he couldn't feel his own voice call out Daphne. The world was gone. Everything was gone. Hyrem could feel himself all alone. No one else. Just him. No, this can't be right, he thought as he bit his lip, trying to fight that feeling. There has to be someone else! Daphne's here... right?

Then he saw something. He was definitely somewhere now. But it wasn't anywhere he recognized. "Ow..." he moaned as he tried to pick himself up from the floor. Apparently he had fallen here... wherever "here" was. "Where am I?" His hand felt around the floor, and it felt very smooth. He found himself surrounded by pillars illuminated by the strange symbols on it he had seen before. Other than those dim lights, the room was dark.

And there was no sign of Daphne.

"Daphne!?" This time Hyrem could speak. "Daphne!" he shouted out for his Pokemon, looking around the room for any clues as to where she might have gone. The search for the key had become a much lower priority currently; his Pokemon was missing, and he would search all over this other realm to try and find her.

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