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The Forbidden Garden

Gemini Spark

You grit your teeth, in firm determination that you could find a way out of this whole mess. Still clinging to the chimney stack with one arm, you manage to hold your feet- though you can still feel the sensation of being pulled inexorably closer to the shadow's point of termination. What happened when you crossed that line... well, you didn't particularly care to think about that.

You glance across at your Pokemon partner, Daphne, as she braces herself as best she can against the phenomenons pull. In accordance with your plan, she lets fly a pair of dangerously sharp leaves. They arc first outwardly, then angle in on the shadow, picking up speed as they did so. They impacted the very center of the darkness, and instantly vanish. There is no sound as they strike the shadow, but for a very brief moment you think you see a narrow sliver of light as the leaves disappear into the darkness.

Daphne looks back to you, and begins to step forward, when the pressure pulling you towards the center of the shadow picks up dramatically. The chimney stack begins to crumble under your grasp, and even the earth Daphne stands on opposite you begins to give way, small chunks ripping from the ground and flying towards it. Daphne looks concerned, as she calls out to you for orders.

What will you do?
Even though Hyrem held on to the chimney for dear life, he still felt himself being pulled closer and closer to the dark shadow. He and Daphne were trying hard to keep themselves from the abyssal hole nearby. His Nuzleaf tried throwing some Razor Leaves at the hole... they hit the mark, but they simply disappear into the shadow with a glint of light and no indication of them having any effect on it whatsoever.

"Leaf... Nuz- LEAF!" Daphne started to call towards Hyrem before the pull becomes much stronger. Pieces of the chimney start getting pulled in, and his grip on the chimney is loosening. Meanwhile, Daphne also struggles against the pull as she could see and feel herself and the ground being pulled towards it. "Nnnnnnuz... lllllleaf..." she says, struggling to speak as she tries even harder to resist the pull, hoping Hyrem had a better idea than she did about what to do... which he didn't.

"Nnnnngh..." Hyrem grits his teeth trying to keep a hold onto the chimney, knowing Daphne wants orders from him and fast. But the previous attack didn't really show whether or not they were dealing with a Pokemon, so... "Uhhhh... maybe... try a..Bullet Seed... I don't know!" he shouts desperately. He was trying so hard to hang on, but he knew it was only a matter of time... and he was quickly running out of options. If this didn't do anything... well, he just hoped it would do something.

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